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I'm tired



Today I finished up a rather big project that I've been working on.


In the front of the house are two Azalea beds that have been there since the sixties. The Bushes are large but scraggly and unhealthy because the soil under them is worn out.


My job: dig up the bushes, replant them. Dig up the old beds and clean out the roots. Remove some of the dirt. Test the soil and figure out what it needs. Add: sand, top soil, peat moss, humas, etc. Till it up. Put the plastic border down. Smooth out the dirt in the new beds, put landscape cloth down. Cut holes, plant new bushes. Put down pine bark mulch, some azalea food and water them in.


It all sounds so easy when you put it that way.


Just try digging up some forty year old bushes and see how much fun it is.


Oy! Am I going to be sore tomorrow.

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Beast, the azaleas will be there tomorrow. Get into your biobed and rest. I love you because you give the overwhelming impression that when stuff needs doing you do it but I also get the impression that you sometimes need someone to rub your back and tell you to take it easy. I don't tell you this enough but you're an inspiration: scientist, humanist, geek, mensch and geek - you were exactly the guy I needed to meet two years ago to keep me on an even keel. However, I am screaming angry that I don't know what is going on with Jimmy - WRITE MORE.


On a gardening note - azaleas like all rhododendrons are a pain because they grow like weeds. They're lovely but they will take over without discipline. But you knew that.



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