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  1. Droughtquake, was the "wow" emoji Good or Bad? Haha. Loving this GA more with every word read.
  2. I feel the same and am currently in a similar hard-ening one sided bromance. They are the most delicious soo far.
  3. Hey everyone, my name is Noah from Texas and I love to write and paint using as much of a variety of mediums as I can get my hands on. I'm pretty new to this kinda group and I'm excited and lovin it so far. I have a tons load of journals I've written some short but tons hot stories and some chapters long. I love adding a lil if my experiences with my huge fathomless imagination. There is nothing shocking in what our beautiful minds can create or imagine. Love the hugeness that is this hive if openness. I do have a few curiosities about things I can write for the windows to the vast mind. What is allowed plain for all to use and expand on and what is considered by the narrow, dingy blinders as vulgar, uncouth or tactless. Perhaps someone that has been overstimulated by all the richness here, as I feel right this moment, can sternly point the way to some restraining guidelines to yawn and detest; knowing full well that I MUST ABIDE TO HELP the silenced, muted emotionally and fiercly animated majority. I LOVE entirely too much, my sleeve a bloody smear that resembled a pretty perfectly, beautiful heart once upon a time; however it never deters me from lovin like I've never loved before. Everything we were taught is ONLY a fantastical, heavenly lie or a brash, unapologetic hell. For me the wrongfully righteous do NOT exist. Merely a PROPAGANDA imagined by man to entice his brother to gravely sabotage himself; So that a fortissimo cacophony of guilt and pain is heard from the most soto voce of nothing. I'm looking forward to learning and opening my heart, if possible, to more of what is all the universe that is our minds. 65,000 thanks from the one in the gutter, but I'm looking at all the stars. Evermore yours, Noah.
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