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So what now?



Disclaimer: I'm writing this blog entry with about an hour's worth of sleep. One of my friends lost his dad last night, and along with the rest of our crew, I've been at his house off and on all night and morning. Please forgive me if I don't make any sense.


So Barrack Obama's the Democratic nominee for the year 2008. Hillary is out(though not technically), and everyone's wondering what's next. More specifically, everyone wants to know if Obama will pick wild Hillary to be his VP. Well guess what....it's way too early for that kind of talk.

Obama and Clinton are in talks right now about setting up a meeting between the two, and everyone's buzzing about what'll be said. Well, wonder no more, people. I already have this figured out.

Hillary's campaign is $30 million dollars in the hole. If she ends it now, she won't be able to hold any fundraisers to try to pay it all off. Especially the debt that the campaign owes Hillary and Bill. Of course, that opens up a whole new set of questions....


  • If she goes on, who would donate money to her campaign?
  • If she quits, how will she pay off her campaign debt when she can't raise money?
  • If she doesn't just go away quietly, and pressures Obama to make her the VP, who will it hurt more? Her or Obama?
  • If Obama does make her his VP, does it help or hurt his campaign and his presidency (assuming he wins)?


The answer to these questions are so simple. The fact is, Barrack Obama bin Laden has a ton of campaign cash left over, and now that he's got the nomination locked up, he's going to get 300 wheelbarrels full of even more cash. We know he wants Hillary to go away, and he definitely doesn't want her to be his VP. So what does he do? Simple, his campaign pays off her debt, she gives him her blessing, works hard for him on the campaign trail and after November, she goes on with her life.

It's way too early to talk about Obama's pick for VP, but everyone's doing it. I think he should look to the Old Dominion for his pick if he's really interested in the best candidate. Tim Kaine, Mark Warner or Jim Webb. All three of them would be excellent choices for the VP slot, and they would all give his ticket the conservative touch it needs to win over repukes that hate John McCain. But that's a topic for another entry, so I'm just gonna break it off right here and look for some pudding or some ice cream since my belly's growling.

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Take heart NJ!


Selling Barak bin Obama to the democratic party elites in the primaries was a picnic. Selling him to the Red states, an impossibility. No amount of money is going to make any difference.


Democrats have once again elected a Republican president by forwarding an unelectable candidate.

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