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Disappointment in the color of silver



US Women's Olympic Gymnastics team  

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  1. 1. Are you disappointed in the fact that the US Women's Olympic Gymnastics team did not win the gold medal?

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    • No
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Call me crazy, but I thought the US Women's Gymnastics Team basically gave away the gold medal last night. One of the women fell off the balance beam. The same one fell during the floor exercise. It was definitely a disappointment. They could have won if not for the fact that they made so many mistakes. I will say, however, that I am at least relieved that they won silver and did not do so poorly as not to medal at all. With huge mistakes like that, it could have been much worse. I was just hoping that they would win gold for the first time in 12 years. "The Magnificent 7" may be a tough act to follow, but these young women were definitely capable of gold.


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Maria, China won, and yes, they were good. It's okay. I know there are people from all over. I just wanted the US to win. :P

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Billy, that sounds about right. I'm terrible with names and needed a reminder as to what her name was, but she definitely is past her prime as you said. Gymnasts don't have long careers, and that's because it takes a heavy toll on the human body.

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Yeah, Sacramone was definitely out of her depth. I was just a bit (read 'a lot') frustrated at the annoying announcer constantly saying that the Chinese competitors were underaged. They certainly looked it, but if the officials weren't able to figure out then it's their own fault. Perhaps this very confusing situation will promote caution.


Did you see the Chinese floor exercise routines? Damn. They put Shawn Johnson to shame :X.

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Sacramone isn't past her prime, she had one of the hardest beam routines and one can easily become rattled from time to time. I have faith in her, she's one of the top three gymnasts in the United States, can't give up on her. :)

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