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Well Dom, I am a huge fan of your stories, and once I have a steady pay check, I am definitely going to buy premium so that I can enjoy it... then again, it may end up that I will when I get my tax money instead. :P

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Im enjoying it, and please for others just don't jump to conclusions. please read why we are having a premium section and plus look at what dom has said as well :)

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I've added the blog explanation into the Domaholic's FAQ (so you know, when the next drunken blog entry pushes this one down :P )

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This whole premium thing really amazes me. I thought Myr did a great job of explaining why GA was doing it, and how it would work. It was simple and to the point. Now, I realize that I am incredibly brilliant, so maybe I'm not the best judge of "simple and to the point" :P but I don't know how much clearer Myr could have been:


It takes money to support a website. Ad revenues alone do not support GA, which means GA loses money. Myr has assured us that he is not Warren Buffet pretending to be a wizard, and that he did not just win the lottery. That means that GA needs to raise money to survive. And premium content is a way to say "thank you" to big supporters. If you give lots of money to the symphony, they let you some to their pre-performance receptions as a thank you. It's the same damn thing. How easy is that to understand?


So then I get an e-mail from some guy telling me I should publish stuff there so I can get paid. Stupid people piss me off.

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Just a thought. It might be cool if people educated themselves a bit before they threw fits. Or something. That might be nice. *shrug*

The explanation was just a click away. *headdesk*

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If you give lots of money to the symphony, they let you come to their pre-performance receptions as a thank you.
I like that anology. ^_^
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