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Written in the time of disgust.

Kev de Cauchery


I probably shouldn't write the first entry in the time when I'm 'too tired to sleep', but well, when's the better time to join the community.


Eff the mosquito in my room.


I should do lots of stuff, which the thought of it disgusts me.


Should finish the untitled 'Hello, Insomnia' project.

Should finish the untitled 'the cruelty of youth' poject.

Should finish posting 'The Sick Puppy and the Angel'

Should start thinking about the 'Insomnia. Acousma. Sex. Love. Friends. Suicidal Attempts. Depression. Drugs' stuff.

Should start the essay so I can finish my undergrad degree.


Writing them down just to remind myself how lazy I am. I'm disgusted. By myself.


Is there any way I can live without actually doing anything?

- I'm probably too tired to think right now.


Read more.


How much more random can the words be!


Eff it. Am posting it anyway.

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  • Site Administrator

Nope, you must do "something" in life, even if it's nothing ;) Every once in a while we get a list of things we need to do, we should do, we want to do in life and yet we do none of it. It's called burnt out, maybe you just need to rest and recharge. Take a day to do NOTHING or just something fun. It's relaxing and I find myself ready to tackle my list after I feel I indulged myself a bit.

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