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Team Corporate.



so, I walk into the office this morning (five minutes late, mind you), and I'm confronted with a couple of new additions...




on the walls, on the doors, in the halls...




appparently, the new office manager decided that we didn't look corporate enough, so he's decided to cover every square inch of the office in posters.




new deli department!


new fruit and veg!


new seafood!


new new new!


and, of course, the corporate logo is prominently displayed on each one.


it feels like I'm being brainwashed.


we own you, Matthew.


we're awesome, tell all your friends!

but as bad as that is, there's an even more evil sub-plot. money. financial gain. I feel underpaid as it is, but now it feels like I'm being subliminally told to pump my entire paycheck back into the company, as well.

spend where you earn, Matthew.


see these lovely new fruit and vegetables? they could be yours!


so anyway, in a show of defiance, I stopped at a rival supermarket on the way home and bought a litre of milk.


let's call it a peaceful protest.


take that, corporation.


god I'm such a badass.

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might I just add, I spent the afternoon referring to this exercise as 'The Cleansing'.


dunno how that's gonna go down haha

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