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[NickolasJames8] Staking My Claim Chapter 14

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Ok. Andrew is officially the story slut. I admit he's ruled by his hormones to a large extent, but why is he pretending to be in a relationship. Maybe I'm just out of date on how things work these days. The concept of f**k-buddies escapes me.


It may well be that young dudes are not capable of being in a 'boyfriend' type of relationship. They definitely lack maturity. As for commitment, forget it, they have no clue. For Andrew, it's basically the proverbial 'candy store' out there.


Andrew seems to have a severe case of fuzzy thinking. Maybe it's the weed. He's not going to tell Philip about his past relationship with Jarred because it will hurt him. Yeah right. He's basically looking out for himself. I think Andrew believes that Jarred and Philip are still having at it; so why not have a go at Kyle, you know, to hedge his investments.


That being said, I love this story. Maybe I'll bring this up with my therapist. :P



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I'd phrase what Conner says as Andrew's being sentimentally unsure, rather than a slut, to be politically correct ;) but that's what I've enjoyed since the beginning: he's not 100% likable. What I like in the first person narrative is that he comes across as sincere every time, whether he behaves like a jerk with his parents or ponders on whom he's going to have sex/ love next. It's quite unpredictable who he's going to end up with, if he ends up with someone. The character has evolved positively since the beginning, and we may just hope something shakes him into being more mature on all counts. Great read, we'll be back for the next episodes.

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Andrew is definitely weak in the presence of these beautiful guys. He made the right choice though when he decided no to do it with Jarred. I like Kyle K, and I hope that Andrew will stick with him. With Kyle he can open a new chapter that is not based on lies and cheating, so I believe that they have a good chance of a true relationship.


I love the story so far. I loved the moment when Kyle K was changing in Andrew's room; it was both a funny and erotic moment. The story has this tension and eroticism all the time. For example when Phillip kissed Andrew in the presence of Jarred and Kyle. :2thumbs:



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