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CRPGs anyone?

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I was just reading the latest issue of PC Gamer, which is devoted to Dungeons & Dragons' 30th anniversary.


All I have to say is WOW!


Bioware ( http://www.bioware.com ), the folks that brought us Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate 2 (the assoicated expansions), and the engine behind Icewind Dale, Icewind Dale 2 and Planescape Torment, and last but certainly not least, Neverwinter Nights, is very busy working on a new original world game called "Dragon Age". Some of the E3 reviews of that included decriptions of in-game sequences like the battle scene in Return of the King... They also brought us the Star Wars Smash Hit, Knights of the Old REpublic. Let's say Bioware just plan rocks at making computer Roleplaing games. http://www.bioware.com/games/dragon_age/


This issue was talking about some new things on the Obsidian Studios (made up of those refugees of the collapse of Black Isle studios) are making two games that should peak people's interest: Neverwinter Nights 2 and Knights of the Old Republic 2. These should be fun.


A huge, looking like free, expansion for NWN is being developed by a mod community to introduce Dragon Lance to NWN. http://www.dladventures.com/


On the rumor mill, Baldur's Gate 3 has been greenlighted. Hopefully, it will be done by Bioware... on the Dragon Age Engine. That would be very cool.


So, poke around... there are some really cool games out there and up and coming that are just going to rock. B) :king: :great:

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I hope it's done on the infinity engen... that I know how to code...


don't look at me like that! I only did a little bit of mod work for bg 1.


wow, you know that was way back before I even started writting... now I feel old.

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I have shelves full of 2nd Ed AD&D books and stuff.

Not to mention novels out the wazoo.


My schedule is more friendly towards computers, since I can play when I want and not have to gather friends up.


Not to mention after shelling out $50 for 3rd ed D&D rule books... and not playing anymore... I haven't had the heart to shell it out again for 3.5 ed books. Though, I will at some point. NWN2 and BG3 are going to be using 3.5 rules.

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1st ed. is god 2nd is good 3rd i have no use for it when tsr sold out wizards of the cost really messed up the game play i mean just about everything is different nothing is the same well the spells are the same a few new ones but 3rd is worng if there is a 4th i hope wizards gets it right and gives us back the game play us older players are use to. as far as time i play every wed. :mace: :axeman: :wizard:

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actuly 3.* is simplifyed D&D, so the not to bright new geniration can figer out how to actuly play the game.


I can't even convert some of my more powerful charicters to 3rd as they would brake some of the none flexable rules.


one of the reasons I liked 2nd so much was there where not none flexable rules everything could be streched, all the rule books have "This is just a guidline" printed in them. So I always had fun creating and going with my imagination.




I have pulled him out of d&d a few years ago and put him in another gaming invierment that I develiped for a group of friends that live around me. I have yet to name it but I am revising the gameing system for use over at "All Roses Have Thorns" (link in the "Top Site List") for the online RPG I am develiping to be played on there forums (based somewhat off the comic there).

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