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The murder of Aaron Hall

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I was asked to bring people's attention to this and haven't seen this posted here.


The original Bloomington Alternative article


The LJ post with more information.




Indiana man beaten to death over several hours and his killers are claiming the "sudden heat" of "gay panic." Even though he might not have been gay. Even though they took their sweet time torturing and beating him. Even though they took camera-phone pictures mid-beating and texted them to a friend. And this was two months ago.


Either Aaron Hall was brutally beaten to death because he was gay, or else his murderers are attempting to exhort a sick sympathy from homophobic jury members by portraying beating a man to death as a natural response to homosexuality.


The Indianapolis Star won't print this story. The Herald-Times won't print this story. The Associated Press won't print this story.


What did Aaron Hall die for? And what will his murderers learn from their trial?


Will they learn that Indiana is a state where you can get away with murder, as long as you murder the right person in the right extenuating circumstances?


Tell everyone you know about Aaron Hall. Tell everyone. Tell them that he was beaten over 75 times and left to die in a field like Matthew Shephard and the press has done nothing. Email your local paper and ask them why they aren't reporting the Aaron Hall story. Talk to everyone you know.

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I've done some Google searches and I found this article in the Washington Blade


I am hoping that the reporters for the blade did their checks and that there actually exists a police affidavit, as stated in the article, because this has, to me, all the hallmarks of an Internet hoax. It wouldn't be the first time that something is reported that didn't actually exist -- there was the recent one picked up by lots of newspapers about a scam in Japan that sold sheep as poodles. It was reported in mainstream newspapers, but it turned out to be completely false.


If this actually occurred, I think it's horrendeous. As I live in Australia, I am unable to verify the authenticity of the newspapers that are claimed to have run the original story. If there are any members who live in that area of Indiana, confirming that the websites of the newspapers concerned are valid will go a long way towards confirming the events.


Sorry if I sound like a cynic, but for mainstream newspapers to refuse to cover the story doesn't ring true. It is too sensational for them to reject the story.

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censorship i think is the downfall of America. I really do. Ever since the Europeans came over to America everything has started to be censored and i think its the downfall of American society. F*ck all these parents trying to censor cd's because someone says "f*ck" in a song. If you dont wanna hear the shit, dont listen.


BUT, i do think this story should be told world wide. "Ignorance can be cured, stupidity can not."




My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Aaron Hall.

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OMG!! :o This is scary and so horrid. How can someone do this to a human being...just because he likes someone from his own gender...this is crazy!! :( But it is the same thing here in India..when would people learn :,(


My prayers are with the family of Aaron Hall.

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