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[CarlHoliday] Pastel Cowboy, Chapter 19

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I don't think I ever had a good handle on David's and Paul's relationship. I would hope they had better days together. :(


It would seem that Zach is going to experience some guilt over David's death. He keenly sensed that David was going to kill himself amd told no one. He should have, I suppose....but, it's not his fault anyway. David's context change toward Zach was a little late in coming.....for Zach, anyway. Zach didn't get the chance to respond or complete with him, you know, some closure for both of them. :(


I found Sally to be a fascinating character. My sense was that she and David did at least get some closure with one another.


Zach's deadpan one-liners are just incredible. :D I hope Jeremy can be there for him.



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