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If Only I Not Love

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If Only I Not Love




ooh how I dearly hate the accursed creature that beats in my bosom


how it sings to all creation


how it adores all life


how it bleeds two fold for every tear of another


how I wish to carve from my flesh, from my dear soul, this monstrous immortal,


which at every agonizing beat,


pumps my flesh with perpetuating red love



Why must I love those who hate me


Why must I share the hate of my lovers


Why must I be enticed to kiss those who sworn to kill me,


those who have sworn me a horrific destiny



OH! Poor eyes who suffer my heart's consequences


OH! Poor body who must shelter a soul who loves yet hates himself


OOH! Poor World,


Poor God, Why!


Why must you be burdened with all my pain,


with all my hate,


with all my Love!!!



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