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Still trying to see how GA works!


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I have been reading in GA for a long time, let me congratulate to the administration, for the change in the page, but the only thing is that I'm still trying to understand how the site work, with the profiles, forums, the story.


You have a blog, a personal forum?? everyone is an author?


if some can help me out will be great

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Lots of questions! First, welcome to GA!


This is where you can start: make five posts so that you can kinda activate yourself. Every member has a profile and everyone can choose the way they are active: some are just readers, some use chat and forum discussions as well, some keep blogs, some write stories and/or poetry, some are editors some do all of that.


I'm sure that all questions are answered here!




Just hang around the site, look for stories and be as active as you want and ask what ever comes to mind! And have fun!

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Hi Guldar, welcome to GA. Anyone can become an 'author' if they chose to purchase (for free) that status in the GA Store. Any member can post a story in GA Stories. Promising and Hosted Authors have forums, all other authors can post topics for their stories in the Story Discussion forum. Blogs, Picture Galleries, making posts/comments/topics in the forums is all up to an member as well. You can be as interactive with the site as you choose to be. Some people never customize their profiles and simply post stories and leave it at that. Others jump more into it and create topics, discussion forums and all sorts of input to just be a part of the community and/or promote their stories.


Marzipan's suggestion of reading the help topics is a great one and if you have any questions that you can't answer after you've read that feel free to send me a pm or track me down in chat. I don't mind answering any honest question from new users. At one point we were all in your shoes. Welcome again!

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Welcome to GA!

Once you have made at least five posts in the forums, you are eligible to set up your blog and become an author. You must apply to become one yourself. You can find out more if you visit the "Help" tab. biggrin.gif

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