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Hey, I'm new here!

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My name is Dreamwalk, and I'm new here on the forums! I've been reading on gayauthors.org for a couple of years now but just now joined.


Speaking of a couple of years ago, I read a story that I think may have been on this site, and I'm having some issues finding it again so that I can send the author an email about it and to reread it. If you would be interested in reading the details and seeing if it rings any bells, then read below. If not, thanks for stopping by and reading my post!


The story was about a kingdom where men and women lived separately in different kingdoms. All the men where gay, and the story centered around the prince, who had just come of age and was now going to select his life lover. All the men in the kingdom brought their sons to the palace in hopes the prince would pick their son. During the ceremony a street kid is caught stealing food but the prince saves him and takes him as his lover.


The story follows them on their honeymoon on a remote island and through their efforts to end the war between men and women.


I'm not sure if it's important or not, but I think the prince's lovers name was micheal.


Thanks again for reading my post, looking forward to meeting you all!

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Unfortunately the story does not ring any bells for me. Did you try searching the genres or tags in GA Stories in case the author has posted it or we moved it during the changeover? Do you remember if this was in e-fiction or a hosted/promising author or in the archive? Single chapter short story or a serial chapter? That might jog the memories of members who come across this topic. In the meantime, welcome! I hope someone comes through and helps you find the story, on or off GA.

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Welcome to GA, Dreamwalk! Sorry, but I can't help you either. The story sounds really interesting though, so if anyone knows the title, it would be nice to read it. :)


Hope you continue to enjoy your time here!



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