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Hey guys. I wanted to recommend a program called Last Pass. The program stores your passwords without storing them in your browser, which is less secure. Last Pass is also good if you have any websites of your own, allowing you to log-in automatically. You won't have to remember a difficult password. Last Pass will do it for you. You can find it here. I hope I'm not coming off as someone who's advertising. I simply want to recommend free software that can protect your passwords from hackers.

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Although I'm sure this is a good program, I'm not comfortable with using programs like this. The thought of keeping all of my passwords connected to my browser scares me. Instead, I use an encrypted flash drive and store my passwords in there. Of course, anything's better than nothing, right? With today's password recommendations I can barely remember one of them, so 50 - give or take - is waaaaaay out of the question! Posted Image


Thanks for the info, good sir!

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I like Last Pass because you only have to remember one decent password (for last pass) and it does all the rest. It also has a bulit in password generator, too. Then there's KeePass, which is good and open source, or scribbling them down on a card in your wallet - a habit I'm glad I've now broken. ;)



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Normally, I'd reserve XKCD for the Games and Humor section, but this just happens to be today's topic, and it makes a good point:

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For applications that don't have a really small character limit, 4 common words shoved together (with no fancy punctuation, substituted numbers for letters, etc.) is about 65 thousand times more secure than a word-with-numbers-and-symbols password.

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