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[Nephylim] Returning To The Fold by Nephylim

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Returning To The Fold by Nephylim

Jack and Willy have a job to do. They are definitely not happy about it because it stinks of 'them on the mountain' but they have no choice but to carry out the instructions to the letter no matter how buch it bothers them. It would have bothered them a whole lot more if they had known that high up on the mountain something is coming.

:nuke: :nuke: Spoilers Below!!! :nuke: :nuke:

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A fascinating read from beginning to end. I do hope we see more of this. I have a funny feeling the story isn't quite over yet, not if Arial wasn't injected as completely as Asta believed he was.


Hrm...perhaps the next anthology should be "Payback's a bitch".







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