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Does the chinese have their own space station? Mir2?

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Tiangong 1 orbital module seems to sound like the comforts of a space station.



China will launch three astronauts this month to dock with an orbiting experimental module, and the crew might include its first female space traveler, a government news agency said Saturday.

A rocket carrying the Shenzhou 9 spacecraft was moved to a launch pad in China's desert northwest on Saturday for the mid-June flight, the Xinhua News Agency said, citing a space program spokesman


Gosh it looks like they copied our Kennedy Space Center Assembly Building

Posted Image



I'm surprise they didn't add to the ISS and be part of the space community. Its like they want to do it all themselves. Doesn't this look like the Mir?

Posted Image

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Is this a logic progression?


Mir1 lifetime Est=10 yrs Actual=15yrs (1986-2001)

ISS lifetime Est=15 yrs Actual=23yrs?? (1998-2021)

CSS lifetime Est=10 yrs Actual=15yrs ?? (2011-2026) or (2020-2035)??


I haven't heard any new experiments sent to the ISS? So how is it really international if things has been quiet up there for a couple of years?

Will any there be any USA or Russia or Europe involvement in CSS?


What will usa do when the useful life of ISS is over?

Will they build another? Will they remove modules and replace with newer ones to extend the life of the ISS?

Will the Falcon Heavy Lift be capable of sending up new replacement modules?


Was Mir1 auto assembled without human intervention? ISS was all human built.

CSS reports they will auto-assemble. Does that make the USA backwards compared to CSS n Mir1?

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The science yield from ISS has been far less than was hoped for.


The US can do autodocking; Dragon has the capability already, and the only reason it can't do so at ISS yet is the lack of an appropriate docking port on the station.


Falcon 9 can launch ISS modules, and Falcon Heavy could launch 3 (or a very large one, far larger than the shuttle ever could).


Mir was autoassembled, sort of. It was manned for some of it.


I have no idea what the future plans are, except that no one really has any yet. :)

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The Russians seem to imply they want their module back when the ISS is gone so they can launch their own space station.

That seems to imply the ISS can not have replaceable modules

The Chinese implies they can do this and thus since the tech is sort of Russian then they can do it also??


other than the usa ... it seems its sort of a strategic importance that scientific.

lol, its gonna be like space cowboys ... someone gonna have a missile platform

I hope we can clone Tommy Lee Jones to save the next generation?

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