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Hi All,


Well if you are reading this you have to follow me, at least somewhat. I figured I would add this to spotlight a few either authors or stories that appear around the site. Face it, I am a bit of hog and enjoy working with a number of different individuals. I also love reading so I figured if you spotted someone's story, especially if they aren't a Promising or Hosted, add them to the list. I never object to reading someone new. Just remember to respect the people you mention.


If you look at today's focus on the main forum you will see I am one of the reviewers. I managed to bring attention to Mark's Another Fairy Story. I've always enjoyed his work so it was a pleasure to give it a read, and hopefully a few new people will go check out his work.


While doing it I also helped shined the light on KC Grim. KC is presently rocking out with his story, Shepherd's Crook. If you haven't started this one, what are you waiting for?


Andy, better known to most of you as Quonos10 has a story running as well, but this time he is under the premium title so if you have the bucks to fork over go give it a read as well. This is the man who is helping to beta Jonas.


Naturally Billy's Trial and Tribulations is still going strong. I beta for him so I can attest to an interesting read.


So suggestions on others who are worth reading? Let me know, ladies and gents. Don't keep a good author or story hidden. Let us all know about it.




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