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  1. I have 5, 4, 1. So Grinch, cane, and tree. Beware every Who down in Whoville! I'm a mean one. Poor Dr. Seuss has no idea what is loose. Five words times a hun is the max, and no more is a fact. Hard at work on this, might just be bliss.
  2. comicfan

    A GAME #3

    Barely a poet. The person below me loves to cook.
  3. comicfan

    Weekly Wrap Up (Nov. 11 - Nov. 17)

    It's sort of a mixed bag, but here goes. I am thankful to still be here, for a doctor who spotted an issue and had me go to a surgeon. For a good surgeon who helped me survive a triple bypass. I am thankful for having met a man who was a close friend until his passing. He has left a mark on my heart that I'll carry to my grave. I'm thankful for also knowing a young soldier, who did what he could. He too will be remembered. I'm thankful for family and friends who have rallied around me and each other with love and support. I'm thankful that I'll get to spend part of Thanksgiving day with my father before I have to work my retail job. Finally, I'm thankful that I was able to donate to the foodbank for those with less.
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    Story Blurbs

    The title and blurb are a pain. Sometimes the title is easy - Accidents Happen because my idea revolved around a near accident. Then you have something like Seeon and I was just name it after the damn character. Blurbs are always a question of did I entice them enough or am I just giving the whole thing away? It is a struggle I'm never sure I'll win.
  5. comicfan


    Fire has never been happy with Lu, but his family seems to push her buttons. Opie knows more than he let's on, but that is nothing new. Jonas stands slightly confused but happy as his strange life unfolds around him. Thanks for reading and commenting @Puppilull
  6. comicfan


    Well, some stories are just fun. Jonas always seemed to grab everyone's attention, so I wanted to make the ending the opposite of the beginning. Instead of Jonas knocked down and left alone, he was swept off his feet and surrounded by people who care. I just hoped people would enjoy it.
  7. comicfan


    I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  8. comicfan


    Well, while this story ends, the characters go on. Not everything is tied up, so who knows. Thanks for reading though @Zenobia
  9. comicfan


    You open that bakery and I'll be one of your first customers! Thanks for staying with me, LBO.
  10. comicfan


    I thank you for the kind words. My mind just works a bit differently, luckily, I have wonderful people who work as my betas and editors who keep me grounded and focused.
  11. comicfan


    Opie has a soft spot for Jonas, but his sense of right and wrong is based on his view as a dragon. If he can fix the issue then he is right, no matter how wrong the fix might be to humans. Besides, both Fire and Lu have sampled Jonas and it has altered both in that they care and know what makes Jonas tick. Jonas goes forward to a bright future. The Meyers, Lu, Fire, Opie, and others are there to support him. Thank you for caring about my guys.
  12. comicfan


    So glad you enjoyed it, Daddy. I've written and rewritten it a few times, but with Val's help it is finally done. Just happy people can read the finished project now.
  13. comicfan


    No story is ever truly over. Fire doesn't want Jonas anywhere near Lu's parents. Lu wants Jonas to meet his parents. Opie, after his disasterous intervention with Jonas's father, is just trying to keep the peace. Jonas has accepted that strange and unusual events are now part of his normal life. Hope that make sense foe you, @Starrynight22.
  14. The Strange Life of Jonas Marks is complete. The epilogue is up. Yes, the story no one expected me to finish, is done, edited and published. A huge thank you to @Valkyrie. No, there are no plans for a sequel at this time. LOL

  15. comicfan

    The Strange Life of Jonas Marks

    Jonas Marks has just graduated high school when he tells his father he is gay. The end result is that Jonas is tossed out of his home. With no money, no job, and no place to call home he ends up on his friend Jenny's couch till he starts working at Kroger's. Then his life just gets strange.
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    Time flies when you are busy as hell, and I’d been busy putting my life together. I’d just finished a weekend collegiate match and had gotten back to the apartment rather late. I’d won the final match, but the bus ride home seemed to take forever. Luckily, there was no traffic on the drive home from the college. “Lu? Go to bed. The couch isn’t the best place to sleep.” My fiancé was curled up rather uncomfortably on our couch, his sexy blue leg peeking out from under a blanket, which seemed to emphasize just how attractive he was. “Just join me, Jo.” I knew better. Last time I tried to join him, he stripped in half a minute and ended up rolling us both off the couch and onto the floor. I ended up landing on Trixie’s dog bone and had a huge bruise on my hip. Before we could move, the poor puppy came running over, thinking we were playing and nibbled on my toe, ending the sexy mood and making me laugh. Trixie was a beautiful golden retriever puppy that Lu had given to me as my birthday gift a week after we moved in together. She was spoiled rotten, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. “Fine. You can sleep there. Trixie and I will take the bed.” I started to peel off my shirt as I headed to our bedroom. That got Lu up. “So how did your wrestling matches go? You know it would be easier if you let me go with you.” I shook my head. “You know they don’t allow the players to sleep anywhere but in our assigned rooms when away. Besides, after the fits you had last time….” “Well that…that boy had his hands all over you!” Lu’s eyes narrowed as he glared at me. “Lu, we were wrestling. We can’t wrestle if he doesn’t touch me.” I walked over and kissed him. “We’ve been through all this before. This is what pays for college.” “You know, Opie and I could….” “Don’t finish that sentence!” I stalked away from Lu and into the bathroom. I shut and locked the door before I sat down on the floor, thinking of the last time Opie and Lu decided to make my life better. *-*-*- It had taken a while, but I’d finally gotten the truth out of Opie about what happened with my father. We sat in my office at work, and he finally spilled the beans. He knew I’d wanted a relationship with my dad, so after talking with Lu, he went to see my dad. Opie stated that my father grew more and more belligerent, and was calling me every slur he could come up with. Finally, Opie had enough, and used his power to change my dad. “What do you mean, you changed my dad?” “Opie, what did you do?” Fire stood beside me, eyes opened in what I could only call shock. “Oh, my creator, you did, didn’t you?” I sat, looking between an increasingly pissed off Fire and a sheepish Opie. “It was only a little change.” Opie simply stared at his silver nails, refusing to look at either of us. “Little, my blue ass!” Fire seemed to grow larger as she stepped in front of me. “Um, hate to interrupt, but would you mind explaining to me what the hell is going on!” Sometimes I really should learn to not ask for details, or at least not when it comes to Lu and Opie. “Explain? Sure, I’ll explain.” Fire pointed at Opie before dropping her voice and becoming scarily calm. “My foolish creator took it upon himself to deal with your father. He decided it would be easier to simply alter your father than allow him to continue to hurt you. Opie is an opener, Jonas. He used his breath and ‘opened’ new possibilities within your dad, altering who he was and how he thought. Basically, he remade him.” It took a while for the reality of what Fire said to sink in. “Change him back! Opie, change him back. This isn’t what I wanted.” Opie looked miserable. “I can’t change him back.” “He burned away the old one, Jonas.” Fire came over and hugged me. “That version doesn’t exist any more. The man he is now, is based on who he was and all the new truths he has had to adjust to. He may have never acted on any of the feelings or thoughts before Opie remade him, but they are who he is now. I’m sorry, Jonas.” So my father was never bisexual before. His acceptance of me, Lu, and everything was because of Opie, not because he wanted to, or out of love. I knew Opie was special, but even with all I’d seen and done, it wasn’t until this moment that I realized just how powerful and dangerous he could be. “Opie, just promise me you won’t ever do something like this again. People weren’t meant to be opened.” I looked at him, unable to stop the tears from falling. “I’ll try, Jonas.” I watched as Opie slowly made his way out of my office, and Fire hovered around protectively for the rest of the day. *-*-*- “I’m sorry, Jo.” Lu’s deep voice jerked me out of my memories. “I promised not to interfere in your decisions, which is why I don’t go to see you wrestle.” I wiped my face. There was no way I was going to let him see me like this. “I’ll be out in a bit, Lu. Just going to shower.” I dropped the rest of my dirty clothes in the hamper and climbed into the shower. It had taken a while for me to adjust to what had happened to my dad. It took Lu even longer to win me back over. He exercised with me and did all he could to win me over. I was in the best shape of my life, and although I hated to admit it, I was the happiest I’d been since my mom died. I let the hot water soothe me. *-*-*- The entire Meyers family helped me move into my apartment just before college began. Once the last box had been emptied, broken down, and everything cleaned up, they lined up for a last goodbye. “You know you don’t have to move out, Jonas? If you need anything, and I do mean anything, just call,” Mrs. Meyers said as she hugged me tight. Kyle smacked my shoulder. “Remember, no late night parties. You have school and work, young man.” He broke down laughing as he gave me a hug. “You nut. I’ll see you this weekend.” I tried to keep from crying as he went out of the entry way, following his mom to the family car. “Damn, Jonas. That means it’s back to frozen meals or Jenny trying to cook.” John made a face. “Shut up, you creepazoid!” Jenny smacked John in the back of the head. “Hey!” He rubbed his head as he waved goodbye. “So, when can I invite myself and Michael over for a double date?” Jenny blinked and smiled innocently at me. “Jenny, jeez, it’s my first night here.” “And?” She shook her head. “If I know a certain sexy blue guy, he’ll be all over you soon enough.” I laughed and hugged Jenny tight. “Call me and let me know.” Jenny grabbed a piece of newspaper I’d used in packing off the floor, tossed it into the garbage can by the kitchen door, before she hurried outside to catch up to the rest of her family. I stood looking around my new place. I should have been nervous being alone, but Opie had stopped by and said the place looked nice and was in a safe building, and he trusted Mrs. Clinch, who was my real estate agent. She was glad to help me, after she said I had been a huge help with her pudding bowl, and later finding a fertility ring. She’d waddled a bit showing me the apartment originally, but she was pregnant with twins. Jenny was right about Lu. He showed up unannounced an hour after she left, with dinner. He moved in three days later, and proposed within a month. My life was going well, but you could hardly call it normal. *-*-*- I woke with Lu spooning me. I tried to slip out of bed, but he hugged me tighter. “Let go, you big lug. I need to get ready for class, and then I have work today.” “Skip school.” Lu purred in my ear. “No. You know better.” Lu sighed and let go. I quickly slid out of bed and hurried to the bathroom to pee. “Don’t forget, sexy, we have your friend Chris’s housewarming tonight.” “I know. The gift for him and Tianna is on the kitchen table.” “Do you want me to pick up anything else for tonight?” Lu leaned on the doorframe, his naked body on full display. I tried not to stare. We lived together for three months and it still hadn’t slacked my thirst for him. I mean each time I saw him, I still wanted to jump his hot body. “Just pick something up from The Little Blue One’s.” “Okay.” Lu yawned and then scratched his hairy, blue chest. I moved to the sink to wash my hands and brush my teeth. Lu kissed my neck and then started the shower. “Oh, don’t forget to pick up our suits too!” I looked up, catching a reflection of Lu washing his leg in the mirror. “I won’t.” Lu turned to look at me in the mirror. “The wedding is this Saturday, and I won’t allow the best man to not look his best.” “I’m sure Daniel will be happy to hear that. Although most eyes will be on you.” “No, they will watch you, but if they go to touch you, I’ll have to remind them that you’re mine.” I rolled my eyes and went to get ready for class. *-*-*- We stood on Chris’s back porch, watching the first snow falling. Behind us, the sounds of the housewarming party provided background noise. Everyone from work had showed up, including Daniel and his soon-to-be wife, Alexandra. Ms. White and Opie showed up as well. While most guests stared at Opie, Dan and Chris made him feel welcome. The crowd was getting to me, so Lu and I slipped outside. “You know we should start planning our own wedding,” Lu stated as he wrapped his arms around me. “I’d like to at least finish my first year of college.” I nuzzled in closer. “It’s only a few more months.” “I can wait. Besides it is nearly your turkey holiday where you celebrate with family.” “Thanksgiving. We were invited over to the Meyers. Dad might go too.” “That’s nice.” As usual, I hadn’t heard when Opie joined us. “You should tell him, Lu.” I jumped in Lu’s arms. “Damn, Opie. I swear one of these days you are going to give me a heart attack.” Opie leaned against the porch rail and gave me one of his knowing looks. Lu turned me around and stared at me. “Are you okay, babe?” “Yeah. Just something I want to tell you.” Lu bit his bottom lip. Lightening suddenly flashed across the sky and the sound of thunder filled the air. “I think you’re out of time,” said Opie. “She’s coming to defend him.” There was a bright blue flash at my feet and suddenly Fire stood before me, as her sword floated a foot above the ground. She turned, glaring at Lucifer. As usual, I felt lost and wasn’t exactly sure what the problem was. “Actually, both my parents are coming. They wanted to meet Jonas before the wedding.” For a moment, I was surprised that Lu wanted me to meet his parents. The surprise faded as I saw the look of pure outrage on Fire’s face and the look of desperation on Opie’s. I stood frozen in place, unsure what I should say or do. Suddenly, there was another loud crash of thunder, and all hell broke loose. Fire went to grab Lu, Opie grabbed both forms of Fire, and Lu tossed me over his shoulder and dashed back into the party. I bounced along on Lu’s shoulder, blushing as the guests stared at me. Somehow, I don’t think my life is going to get any easier. In fact, it might be getting a lot stranger, and that seemed normal to me now.
  17. comicfan

    Featured Story: Twelve Gays of Christmas

    Wonderful story. Thanks for the suggestion. Read it today.
  18. comicfan

    Close To You

    Aww. Sweet ending. I'm glad they are moving forward together. It was a touching ending and beautifully handled.
  19. comicfan

    We Three Kings

    Was that wedding bells? Hmmm
  20. comicfan

    Auld Lang’s Syne

    Beautiful ending to the party. And Ingram being outed was icing on the cake.
  21. comicfan

    Driving Home For Christmas

    Damn. Last night and Debi might be back? This sucks.
  22. comicfan

    Silent Night

    The baby is born, Brenda is back, and Rudy is dressing Trev. For the moment all is well.
  23. comicfan

    When A Child Is Born

    Bye Felicia... I mean Debi... or is that Damien?
  24. comicfan

    Santa Baby

    I could say a lot, but I love Johnny.
  25. comicfan

    Stay Another Day

    I like Johnny but wonder what he is up to?

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