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  1. Thank you. Basically was just looking to vent so I didn't wipe out the food in the fridge. Last two weeks have been stressful.
  2. Thanks Val. I'm just trying my best. Can't catch a break. Keep me in your prayers.
  3. Okay, so approximately two and half months ago my part of the world shut down. Public transport became empty, restaurants shut down, doctor offices closed, and life as we knew it came to a standstill. My job also closed but I was lucky, the pay kept rolling in. Then a month and a half in the company furloughed all part-timers and 20% of the full timers. However, once again I was lucky and the pay keeps coming in. They decided last week to reopen. We are paid for 36 hours and any hours we actually work we get an addition $2 an hour for. I am not complaining. After three years of health issues, I have been blessed not to catch this. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean everything has been great. Back in November my dad began to complain about his sense of smell. He was going to see his doctor and a lung specialist. He had been put on a nebulizer and figure that might be the issue. February rolls around and he heads to see the vein doctor and again is having issues and mentions it. The vein doctor suggests dad go see a nose, throat, and ear specialist. Enter Covid 19 and the close down. The second to last week of May, dad wakes me at one am. He is in deep pain, in his eyes. I call his eye doctor, who calls back before two am and has us meet her at her office. She states dad has an infection in his eyes, prescribes meds, is grateful that we listened and didn't take a chance to expose dad to covid by going to the hospital. Woman is a saint of a doctor. We feel things are looking up. The last week of May he finally gets to see the doctor for the nose. He finds my dad's nose has a lot of growths and has basically sealed the left nostril and part of the right. He doesn't do that surgery any more. He sends Dad for tests and an associate who works 30 minutes away, towards the city. The second Doctor sees the growths but also believes he spots a tumor and wants us to see a brain surgeon and go for better testing. The test was last Wednesday. There is a tumor growing behind the nasal passage, warping the bone between the nasal passage and the eye socket. However the brain surgeon is in Great Neck, minutes from NYC and has my dad panicked. He wrote the first doctor back begging him to do the surgery. He stated he doesn't handle that. He agreed to find him another doctor to handle the growths, not the tumor, and he is going to have them removed this Thursday. He wants to cancel the consultation with the brain surgeon on Friday. Meanwhile I am now stressed out, eating things I should not, and trying hard to just keep myself going. I was lucky to have two beautiful people help with a story I'd written for the Anthology but never managed to get fixed in time. I'll get it up when I can. Just didn't want things to crash and burn but they did. Wish me luck. At 81 my Dad is stubborn and a trip into NYC probably isn't going to happen.
  4. Well we made it to the end of May. Who knew it could seem to last forever, but here we are. I have to admit, I have new prompts to distract you. Prompt 846 - Creative Tag - First Line "If you touch my child, I promise you, death would be considered a prize in the world of pain I'll create for you!" Prompt 847 - Creative Tag - Demon A month after signing the deal the demon shows up on your doorstep in the middle of the night. "What do you want?" You demand. "Look the deal is null and void," he began. "The hell it is," you scream at him. What deal did you make and why is the demon trying to cancel the deal? So, these are the latest bits of bait I have to entice you to write. If you do, please link them in the prompt forum. Until next time remember to read, write, comment, and like. Stay safe and well. We did have a taker on prompt 843. @Ivor Slipper took a shot, Read it and leave a comment. https://gayauthors.org/story/ivor-slipper/kissing-friends/1
  5. Why is it after seeing all that all I can think of is the Green Man?
  6. Been a week and a half. Ordered a new phone. Might actually be able to afford a laptop too. Time will tell. Good luck all. Stay safe and well.

  7. comicfan

    Kissing Friends

    I love when someone takes one of the prompts and runs 180 degrees from where I imagined when creating them. This was well written and heart breaking. It leaves plenty of room if you want to expand it, and if not is beautiful as it is.
  8. Here it comes again, just when I've begun to get myself together. Here is another Friday and another set of prompts. Let's jump right into them. Prompt 844 - Creative Tag - Royalty Having been laid off from your job you decide to play around online. You order a DNA test from one of the online ancestry sites and begin to fill in your family tree with the few facts you have. A week and a half later you get your results and an official letter from a small country you'd never heard of. You discover you are actually second in line for the throne, they want you to come and be trained, however, you need to give up everything here including your partner. Will you become royalty or stay a commoner? Prompt 845 - Creative Tag - First Line "Look what the cat dragged in and left in my damn bed! Crap." So ladies and gents, does either one appeal? If so please, link it in the prompt forum. Until next time, remember to read, write, comment, and like. Stay safe and well.
  9. Between my phone and tablet I'm ready to cry. Finally nearly done again. Just never give up and keep trying your best to go forward,

  10. Well, we are half way through May. The world is coming out of lockdown and praying for no second wave. To help you to focus on something besides Covid 19 here are the prompts. Prompt 842 - Creative Tag - First Line "Pardon me, but damn it got cold in here." Prompt 843 Tag - List of Words Use the following words in a story - a bloody shirt, a broken door, a school bag, a new book, and a calico cat. Enjoy your week. Remember to read, write, comment, and like. Stay safe and well.
  11. Thank goodness for the extension. Nearly finished my anthology piece. Once I go over and am happy with it will try and find a team. wish me luck.

    1. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      You know I'm always happy to help

    2. Reader1810


      I’m here if you need a beta reader. 

    3. comicfan


      @Timothy M. and @Reader1810, had some issues but expect a note tomorrow. I do appreciate the help more than you know.

  12. Scrambling to finish my anthology piece. Grr.

  13. Can't help myself. Anubis and a corgi go together. Lol
  14. Corgis are such a sweet breed. Seems like the perfect first chapter of McBatten and Highland. So when can we expect more? oh and I think the robe was doing its job.
  15. Another week has come and gone. Mother nature is confused, giving blistering heat and snow to opposite coasts. I won't even mention the other strange happenings. This year is moving on like a fevered Stephen King nightmare. To get your focus to something new, I proudly present your prompts. Prompt 840 - Creative Tag - List of words Use the following in a story - a lunar eclipse, a flat tire. a statue of Zeus, a bonfire, and a puppy. Prompt 841 - Creative Tag - Anubis Growing up you liked to dress and act emo. At 18 you had an ankh tattooed on your hand. One night after a party you were attacked, only to be saved by a stunning man with enormous power and a jackal pendent around his neck. "You should be more careful," his deep voice captures your attention as he grips your hand and your tattoo suddenly glows. He smiles. "Don't worry, not time to judge you yet." Unsure what he means, you allow him to walk you home. He tells you his name is Anubis and his dark eyes glow. What happens next? Do you find either prompt interesting? Might we have a new story from you? Here is hoping. 'Til next time. Remember to read, write, comment, and like. Stay safe and well.
  16. Heatwaves, snow storms, covid, and Killer Hornets. Can we get a decent writer in? The storyline for this month stinks.

    1. Brayon


      Whoever is playing Jumanji really needs to finish the level.

    2. jamessavik


      The writing is fine. We just don't need a horror author.

  17. Yeah, like I could cut to one. I have a backlog of reading and could name a dozen more. Lol. Was a fun question.
  18. May day! May Day! Well it is the first of May. At least we are all still going. Speaking of going, time for some new prompts. Prompt 838 - Creative Tag - First Line "Where the hell do you think you are going?" Prompt 839 - Creative Tag - Lusty May Work has kept you busy and now that May has arrived you finally have vacation time. Deciding to go away and travel far from home. You barely check in when you find yourself the object of desire for two completely different men. Will you be with one or the other? None at all or both? What happens to you in the lusty month of May? So there are the new prompts. Do either appeal to you? If so share with us in the prompt forum page. We did have one take on last week's prompts. @aditus took a shot at prompt 836. Read it here - https://gayauthors.org/story/aditus/prickly-prompts/10 Until next time. Remember to read, write, comment, and like. Stay safe and well.
  19. Work starts again tomorrow. Be safe and well, everyone.

    1. Valkyrie


      You too, Wayne :hug: 

    2. Headstall


      Stay safe, Wayne. :hug: 

    3. Reader1810


      Stay safe, Wayne. :hug: 

  20. comicfan

    #836 - The Thief

    Oh dear. I always loved Scrooge McDuck. Didn't know he'd been renamed. Your thief is a true rogue. Who would steal a corgi? My father's was six month's old before she discovered she could bark. After 10 years I don't think I have ever heard her growl. The man is a true villain! Good job.
  21. I am trying to finish both an anthology story and a multipart tale before returning to work next Friday, Then I just need to find a beta and an editor. Yeah me!

    kermit GIF

  22. Welcome to another Groundhog's Day, um, oh I mean Friday. Other watching the television, reading, and raiding my fridge, I have been writing. In fact, here are two new prompts for everyone. Prompt 836 - Creative Tag - List of Words Use the following words in a story - an airline ticket, a silk robe, a blue suitcase, a corgi, and a cursed gold coin. Prompt 837 - Creative Tag - Cursed Your mother used to tease you that if you didn't have bad luck you'd have no luck at all. That is until you found out you were the family scapegoat and were cursed to take all the bad luck for everyone in your family. As you reached your twenty-fifth birthday, mother slips you a note explaining who you need to see to break your curse. What happened? Well, there are your new choices. Hope to see your responses. Until next time, remember to read, write, comment, and like. Stay safe and well.
  23. Welcome to Friday. It is Friday isn't it? I hope so. Anyway, did you know Friday is named after Frigg, wife of Odin? Why do I mention that? Read the prompts. Prompt 834 - Creative Tag - Friday Having seen your child hurt by bullies you curse and wish that Friday would just vanish, Instead a large woman pounds on your door. "Why would you curse my day?" The woman demanded. Not knowing who she is you explain what is going on. "My name is Frigg and I shall teach you an important lesson." What happened? Prompt 935 - Creative Tag - First Line "Thank God, it's Friday at last!" So there they are. Hope one appeals to you. Remember to read, write, comment, and like. 'til next time stay safe and well.
  24. Well, Essential or not I am back at work next week. After a month of being paid to stay home it is time to go back. All part-timers and 20% of the full timers in my company have been furloughed. I still have a job and at least for one more week I wont deal directly with the public. Still waiting on the face mask I ordered and just wearing a scarf. The world I knew is gone and not sure of this new world. My best to everyone. Stay safe, stay well, and stay home if you can.

    1. Reader1810


      Stay safe, Wayne. 😊

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      Stay safe, Wayne :hug:  

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