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  1. Decorated the yard for Easter, did a few loads of laundry, and made an easy dinner. Just relaxing and finishing my rewrites.

  2. Sometimes you're the windshield, and other times the bug. Me, I seem to be the shmuck who has to clean the bug off the windshield. Lol. Best saying I've seen on a tee shirt today.

  3. comicfan

    Chapter 9

    Well, Adi I see you put yourself in danger of being lynched in order to force you to release the next chapter early. Bad wolf. *looks for his rolled up newspaper.* Anyway, we knew this would be bloody. I might be putting myself in trouble, but I'm glad to see D is the one taken this time. I was beginning to feel like Nico was some helpless female to be beaten and taken every time something happened. Instead we are finally going to see if he is truly the king's mate as he steps up and uses his gifts freely to help his people and his mate. I hope he kicks ass and skips taking names.
  4. comicfan

    Chapter 34

    Nephy, one of the things I love most about your worlds, are the people who inhabit them are so richly full of life. Regardless if they are a bitch like Momma, unique like Aria, or special like Jay you allow them to fully come to life. Being "damaged" or "different" only makes them more precious and a reason to love them. This chapter was a chance to let the characters breathe and shine a light on them. Jay is hurting but he is worried about Aria and Amara so he puts them first. We learn of Cerrian's life and outlook. She is the wild child with a huge heart. Aria finds Drew calling him a man opens up a new image, allows him to feel confident, and explore if only a bit. Even Amara, who hates to show he is just human, allows Drew to help him and allows his barrier to fall if only for a moment. Drew is even allowed moments to be introspective. With all the tenderness shown here, makes me worry about them visiting their grandmother. Guess who's coming to dinner? Drew, Amara, Aria, Jay, and Cerrian are, just hope they dont eat crow or are fed arsenic. 'Til next time.
  5. comicfan

    Chapter 8

    Thank you.
  6. comicfan

    Chapter 8

    Mom is a tough nut. However, it was just a kiss.
  7. comicfan

    Chapter 4

    I'm glad you are enjoying it. Thanks for commenting.
  8. So, the latest chapter of Life Changes is up. Let me know what you think.

  9. comicfan

    Chapter 8

    “So what are you going to do?” Neil sat on my bed looking at the stuff I’d managed to carry down to my room. “Shouldn’t I be asking you that? Weren’t you supposed to decide which job you were taking.” I stood staring at my brother. “Stop evading the question. Answer mine, and then I’ll answer yours.” Neil crossed his arms and stared at me. I flopped onto the floor and hugged the huge bear Harry had given me. “Well?” “We talked. Harry is an idiot. Mrs. O’Conner had to help us clean up. There was so much stuff between the flowers, the balloons, and the stuffed animals. There are going to be pictures all over Facebook and Instagram. I gave away all the balloons. I mean what the hell would I do with them, Neil?” I was rambling and I knew it. When I finally stopped, Neil walked over and sat beside me. “Okay, so you should be done stalling. Are you going to keep dating? If you are, you know that is okay, as long as you both were honest and set up some ground rules so you don’t hurt each other.” I pulled the bear closer. I was glad Neil was letting me work through this. “We did talk. Harry and I are going to take a week away from each other. I told him that I am not the type to go from one person to the next. If he wants to date me, he has to ready to be with just me. If he ever does anything like this again, I warned him I’d rip off his balls.” Neil smiled and pulled me into a hug while I cried. It took a bit but eventually, I pulled myself together. “Sorry,” I muttered as I wiped my nose. “Sorry for what? Crying?” Neil tilted his head and smiled. “I think you forgot how often I cry. Thank god for mom and dad. Without them and you, I really don’t know how I would have survived with Maryann.” “Well, the munchkin always seems to know what she wants.” “Yes. Speaking of Giggles, I’ve made a few decisions. I guess I should start by telling you I talked with Mr. Weaton today. He and Lisa are separating. He said he couldn’t see her affecting another generation, and he wanted to see his grand-daughter grow up healthy and happy. It was a hard thing to listen to.” I sat staring at my brother. “He convinced me that I needn’t worry about anything but raising Maryann and being happy, Ralph.” “So, um, does that mean you are taking the job here?” Neil hugged me close. “Yup. I’ll be working a half hour from here. Maryann will be able to grow up where her father did.” “You mean her fathers. You and Frank grew up here. You’ll take her to visit with the Stevens. She will get to know her grandparents and me.” “Hey, you guys down there?” Dad called. “Yeah,” Neil called up. “Well, come up. I bought pizza for dinner and Mona is giving Maryann a bath.” We went up and sat at the table. “So, before your mother comes in, do I have to kill Harry?” Dad looked at me and smiled. “No. He’s okay. We, uhh, talked. I guess.” I could feel myself blushing. “Good.” My dad patted my shoulder then sat down and stared at Neil for a moment. ”So now that Ralph is taken care of, what are your plans, Neil?” Before Neil could say a word, Mom came in cradling Maryann in her arms. “She isn’t so little anymore.” “Nonsense, she will always be my little girl,” Neil commented as he took Maryann into his arms. “Our little girl,” said both of my parents in unison. “You know, you are young enough to have another kid,” Neil said as he rocked the baby. “I can even help change diapers.” I watched as the color drained from dad’s face. “No. Your father and I can wait ‘til you get married and give us grandchildren.” “Well, I’m not dating and I’m not sure if Harry can carry a baby for Ralph, so you’ll have to wait a while.” Mom paled as she stared at Neil and me, but Dad just laughed. “Anyway, I’m going to take the job with Morrison and Company. Looks like you’re stuck with me and Giggles here until I start getting regular paychecks.” Maryann grabbed Neil’s finger and began to giggle. “You know that Mona and I want you to stay here.” Dad smiled as Neil kissed the baby’s head. “Yes.” Mom popped open the pizza box and began sliding slices onto plates and passing them out. “I’d rather keep the family all under one roof as long as I can.” “I plan on taking a trip right after my birthday next month.” Neil maneuvered the baby and tried to eat as she tugged on his arm. “Oh? Do you need us to babysit?” Dad paused, a slice of pizza halfway to his mouth. “Nope. Taking Giggles here to see her grandparents. Mrs. Steven wants me to have a scrapbook she has about her daughter. She says her and Andrew aren’t as young as the rest of the grandparents, so she wants to get some stuff together for her grand-daughter that will let her know about that part of her family. I really didn’t get a chance to know Maryann well. I mean, I know she could cook up a storm, was a great computer programmer, and she loved Frank. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to know her as well as I’d have liked. At least this way, I’ll learn about her from her parents and be able to answer any questions when the munchkin grows up.” Mom was all teary. “I think that’s beautiful.” “I guess if we are sharing things, well, I better too.” I saw dad shoot me a wink as I looked at mom. “Oh, really? What do you need to tell us?” Mom sat very still and stared at me. “Um, well, Harry and I talked. We are going to try again. I told him….” “No! I forbid it. He was,” my mother was building up a head of steam. “Mona! Enough. If he is old enough to date, he is old enough to handle the fallout.” Mom stared and then just sat there. Maryann began to fuss due to the raised voices. “I didn’t mean to snap at you. The whole family has been through a lot in the last few months. I do have some news, which is mostly good.” Dad grabbed mom’s hand before he continued. “I was offered a new position this week that comes with a big raise. I also got some mixed news from my brother. There was a fire in the clothing store next to Stevie’s restaurant. It spread and the restaurant was destroyed. Until the insurance companies are finished and the place is rebuilt, he is out of a job.” We all sat sort of stunned. None of us could figure out why Dad was smiling. “The good news is Chris and Stevie figured this was as good a time as any, so they moved up their wedding. The two of them are coming with two of their close friends to get married here.” “Really?” I stared at dad in surprise. “Yeah. Seems they plan to get married and stay here with us for a few days. They’ve both said they don’t want us to become the sort who only see each other for weddings, funerals, and the occasional graduation.” Dad picked up his pizza and began to munch. “Good. Maybe I can get Stevie to teach me his waffle recipe.” Mom reached out and snagged another slice of pizza. I just sat there smiling at family and feeling extremely lucky. With my uncle getting married and my brother staying here my life was getting better. Hell, if Harry and work things out, in a few years we might get married too.
  10. comicfan

    Jamie is Found - Prompt 733

    Yeah, he fought like hell but sometimes no matter how much power you have you cant save everyone.
  11. New prompt story up. Chapter 8 will be Tuesday on Life Changes. Hey something new out often. This is rare but fun.

  12. comicfan

    Jamie is Found - Prompt 733

    The cat sat grooming itself as the puddle of blood slowly spread behind it on the old oak floor. Daniel watched as his familiar continued to ignore the dying creature sprawled out behind it and chose to clean her paws instead. The eight-foot-tall behemoth had been trying to shatter the protection circle he was carefully hiding in. Instead, Elly had transformed into a giant panther, slaughtering the ogre before pausing to clean up. “Fuck!” He collapsed in terror on the floor. “Where are you, Jamie?” The cat finished cleaning her claws and jumped into the circle, rubbing her feline body against Daniel until he calmed down. “Elly, how does this shit keep happening to me?” He gathered the silky black cat onto his shoulder and stretched his hands out gathering his magic to him, slowly undoing the circle. He muttered a spell and moments later a bright blue ball blossomed before him before it streaked away leaving a sparkling trail that would only be seen by those who could control the eldritch powers. The faint blue sparkles led him across the abandoned factory floor and to a staircase that went up to the second floor. “The trail is faint, but Jamie was here.” Elly leapt from Daniel’s shoulder and transformed into a beautiful woman dressed in a skin-tight black outfit. She turned and flashed her green eyes before winking at him. “Stay close,” she purred as she nearly flew up the stairs following the sparkles. Elly was halfway down the hall when she froze. Her long black hair seemed to rise above her shoulders before she crashed to the floor, unconscious and in her cat form. The air seemed to take on a charge. “Darkness cannot hide the light, all dangers come into my sight,” Daniel repeated the incantation and spread his hands. Two small beams shot from his hands and split at two inches into four beans and in two more inches into eight and so forth. The beams not only kept splitting they changed direction, moving up and down as well as left and right. In less than a minute three figures were illuminated by the magic. Their unfinished shapes made it clear that they were magical creations and not real people, though that didn’t make them any less dangerous. Daniel took a deep breath. “This is beginning to really piss me off,” he muttered as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small sapphire ring. He slipped it on and the stone began to glow. “You will die!” The three golems spoke with one voice and began to shuffle toward him. “That’s what you think.” One of the golems lifted a huge cabinet off the floor and flung it at him. Daniel dove to the side, but it shattered as it smashed into the wall where he had been standing and one the drawers exploded launching what had been a beautiful lead glass paperweight into a heavy projectile that slammed into his side shattering his ribs. Daniel forced himself to his feet tasting his own blood. He couldn’t afford to die or give up. Daniel hated to use a power stone. It took so long to fill one, but he had a feeling someone was using Jamie as bait. If he depleted his own reserve he would be an easy target to kill and now he was hurt. Luckily, he was stronger than most new witches and was able to use spells that nearly everyone wouldn’t even attempt until their mid-forties, if ever, due to their demand for enormous amounts of power. He wasn’t stupid, but he was confident. The stone held over a year’s worth of power. Wearing it now gave him access, immediately recharging himself and giving him the ability to cast major spells alone. “From the seas to mountains, from east to the west, let the winds and rain gather round, let nature protect me best.” The spell began as a soft misty breeze from an ocean but grew quickly like an arctic storm ripping through the hills and valleys. Lightening, wind, and hail the size of grapefruit tore through the hallway destroying the furniture, rugs, and the golems that lay just beyond Elly. It was as if someone had set a level four hurricane into the hallway, and nothing would survive its wrath. Daniel stomped over the flooding and carefully lifted Elly into his arms. Without a moment’s hesitation, he sent a healing spell into his familiar. He arranged her body around his neck and marched down the hallway. Every door had been blown open. The storm had washed trap spells and protection spells away. It also destroyed an illusion spell that had hidden a small doorway with a narrow staircase. At the base of the stairs lay the sputtering remains of the blue finder spell he’d released earlier. “Don’t come any closer or I’ll kill you both.” The voice rasped from the darkest shadows. Daniel had had enough. He gathered his power and sent a pulse into the roof. Daniel knew he had finally reached the end of his search. He was tired, drained, and most of all he was pissed off. He was furious at being hurt, seeing Elly hurt, and having Jamie taken from him. Someone would pay dearly for it all. Suddenly, the spell he’d sent into the ceiling took hold and space exploded into light, exposing everything. Sprawled across the room was Jamie. It was clear he’d been caught by the storm spell as he was soaked and bruised from the hail. A quick look around showed that he was the only one there, but as Daniel looked at the man he had fallen for he could also see another person whom he didn’t know occupying the same physical space. “Jamie?” Daniel stared unable to comprehend what he was witnessing. “Yes and no.” The figure cackled. “We knew you would be a great force of good if you were allowed to continue.” The figure coughed and spit up blood. It smiled, its teeth now red and the green eyes that Daniel felt he should know were filled with contempt. “Who are you?” “We were meant to be your executioner. We knew you were strong, but you just kept fighting to get to your precious Jamie. Wherever you found such power, We know not. We tried to weaken you, corrupt you, and even kill you. Instead, when we bonded with our golems you destroyed them, which should be impossible.” Daniel shook as he slowly approached Jamie. He could use his eldritch powers and see a dark figure wearing Jamie like a coat. Jamie was becoming clearer and clearer, like a drawing that was slowly losing its color. The figure within was dark and seemed to shift like smoke caught in a draft. “We bought his soul and kept him. He actually liked you, but the more he fought to protect you the faster it burned him out. Now he is almost gone and We barely got to taste him.” Daniel realized that Jamie had been a lost soul or a demon’s plaything. He’d been a figure that was beautiful and seemed innocent but was controlled totally by another for evil intentions. Something inside Daniel broke. He’d found Jamie, but he’d lost him as well and the only way to release him was to end him. Daniel raised the hand with his ring on and pointed at Jamie. Tears streamed down his face and his voice cracked. “Goodbye Jamie.” Flames engulfed the area as Daniel made his way out of the abandoned factory. As explosions roared behind him, Daniel stumbled forward, almost unconsciously stroking Elly as he made his way toward home.
  13. comicfan

    Weekly Wrap Up (Mar. 3 - Mar. 9)

    I'll bring some Long Island Vodka and a cake, okay?
  14. comicfan

    GA's Newest Classic Author: Mike Arram

    Congratulations Mike. Welcome and best of luck.
  15. Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. Enjoy your day.

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      Thanks a lot Wayne

  16. comicfan

    Chapter 33

    The twins are barely hanging on and I get the feeling Jay isn't fully good either. Drew has a lot still coming at him, so he better keep stepping up. Cerrian is a treasure. She is her own special being, but God she loves her family and the twins and Jay are now apart of that family. Now I just fear their grandmother.
  17. comicfan

    Chapter 8

    Oh dear. The shit is about to hit the fan. So great to see D and Nico working together. Even as Nico deals with one issue others are brewing just below the surface. His godson will be the next issue if they survive. Can't wait until the next chapter.
  18. comicfan

    Ask an Author 2.0 #17

    Well, there's a question to get you thinking. Nice to see how so many took that question in so many directions. Fascinating as always.
  19. comicfan

    Chapter 7

    Harry is a teenager and all the angst, fears, and overcompensating that comes with it. He screwed up and now went full blast trying to apologize. Ralph is also young. Having a boyfriend a bit older isnt helping much. Unfortunately, if people didn't know they were gay or a couple before, they will now. Ralph isn't one for the spotlight, but it is shining brightly on him and with pictures too! This is something they now need to work out, and the whole school will be watching. Painful life lesson for both of them.
  20. comicfan

    Two Brothers Meet the Matchmaker

    Hmm. You two do love to stir up trouble. By chance Tim, are the brothers based on you and Adi? LOL. Your cupids are something else. One moment all flirty and sweet, the next strictly business. Sablo is going to get himself into deep trouble if Diego missed dinner. I keep thinking of Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracey in Guess who's coming to dinner? Somehow, instead of Sidney Poitier, I think Azreal will be there. I just dont see Diego as the sweet, forthright Katharine Houghton. Regardless, this should be very entertaining.
  21. comicfan

    Two Brothers on the Warpath

    There are sweet romances and there are those you wonder how they came to be. Then there is the possibility of an angel being struck/stuck to the Angel of Death. I guess if you are going to play with love you might as well make interesting. Excuse me, need to go because luckily I came in late and another chapter is already up.
  22. comicfan

    Two Brothers Meet in a Bar

    Well, that is really twisted. Naturally, I'm curious now. Onwards to your next chapter. Two brothers - one gay and one bisexual and both now Angel's. This should be interesting.
  23. Been a really strange few days. I put out a new chapter for Life Changes and a story prompt. Been stressed so did a lot of cooking as well. Just trying to settle things for myself. Hope all is going well for everyone else.

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      Missed the prompt, will go search it out. 



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      Timothy M.

      Thanks for the great comments on DDD. :hug: 

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    Cameron's Interview - Prompt 718

    There are days where you feel invincible, and others where you wish the ground beneath you would open up and swallow you whole. Today was one of those days where I experienced both. Some how it just wasn’t the interview I had planned. My name is Cameron Ruiz. Before you get any ideas, I’m a short guy, with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. For some unknown reason people hear Cameron and think tall blond rich kid. That so isn’t me. My parents never married, but my dad was really involved in my life. He helped me get into college, paid most of it if I’m honest, and told me to always go after my dreams. Mom was a lot more down to earth. When we walked back into the apartment after my graduation she waited ‘til I took off my cap and gown before she laid into me. “Cam, I’m proud of you. Now that you graduated you need to find a job and pay your own way. You’re about to come off all our insurances and you’ll have the rest of your college bills to pay off. Now that you have that degree, use it!” “Mom, I just got my degree today.” “I know baby. So, enjoy the weekend and come Monday, your ass is out looking for a real job.” Mom patted my arm and left me alone in my bedroom. Needless to say I didn’t head out to party or have fun. Instead, I got online and began sending my resume out to everyone. I mean I literally sat that there and filled out application after application for six hours straight. “Cam, if you are not going out, stop playing on your computer, and come help me make dinner.” Mom called from the kitchen. “I’m not…,” I stopped and just sighed. I turned off the computer and went out to help her. After dinner I checked my email and was shocked to find I had some interested in. They were having interviews on Monday. I had to be at the office at nine in the morning. “Mom, I got an interview on Monday!” “That’s nice. Let’s hope you get the job. What do you know about the company?” “Um, not much.” ”Well, do your research.” That was how I spent my Sunday. The company was originally called McMillan Graphics and Designs. It was started in 1948, but over time it diversified and bought into many other businesses. It was now known as MCM Incorporated and had offices all over the world. I was being interviewed for their computer graphics for movie technology division. I could end up working in Hollywood in California, London in England, or Mumbai in India. Basically, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity I had stumbled into. I carefully hung my suit over the door, picked out my best dress shirt and tie. Then I sat and shined my only pair of dress shoes before taking a shower. I fell into bed and nervously watched the clock, finally falling asleep around midnight. Bam! Bam! Bam! “Cameron Michael Ruiz get your ass up and get ready for your interview.” I rolled bleary eyed out of bed and looked at the clock. It was five fifty-four in the morning. I stumbled to the bathroom and took care of business. “I made coffee and left a bagel on the table. Good luck!” Mom just shouted to me as she rushed out to catch her train. I ate the bagel and swallowed the coffee standing in the kitchen in my underwear. I was afraid to eat while dressed, figuring with my luck I’d get something all over me. I made sure to pack my portfolio from school and my letter of recommendation from the job I had interning in college. Luckily, that had been a paying job but not a permanent one. I dressed in my suit and made a mad dash to the train. The ride into the city took about forty minutes and then I caught the bus to within a block of MCM Incorporated’s office. “Good morning, Sir. How may I be of assistance?” The security guard stepped forward as soon as I crossed into the lobby. “I have an appointment with Mrs. Blackett about the computer graphics position. My name is Cameron Ruiz.” The guard looked over a sheet that sat on his desk. “Yes, Mr. Ruiz. Your interview is on the seventh floor. Take the elevator up. It is room 703. It will be on the left side. Good luck.” “Thank you.” I took the elevator up and then walked to room 703. Inside were a few chairs and a secretary. As I stood there four other interviewees arrived. “May I have your name, Sir?” “Cameron Ruiz.” ”Ah, yes. Your next. If you’ll take a seat, Mrs. Blackett will be with you after she finishes her present interview.” I took a seat and the others signed in. The last one asked how many were being interviewed and the secretary was fairly forth coming. “Just six of you for the one position. Mrs. Blackett was impressed with all of your resumes and will make her final decision for the job before Wednesday, to be honest.” That set off my stomach and my nerves. “Where is the bathroom?” I stood nervously at the desk. “Go out the door, turn left. The bathroom is the fifth door on your right.” I hurried to the bathroom. I was a nervous wreck. I took care of business, washed up, grabbed my suitcase and hurried back the office. I barely walked in the door as the secretary stood up. “Mr. Ruiz, your just in time.” She pointed toward the main door which opened and a man I assumed was the first applicant came out. I hurried toward the door and heard the other applicants laughing. I didn’t have time to discover why as Mrs. Blackett shut the door and shook my hand. “I’m Julianna Blackett. Nice to meet you, Mr. Ruiz. Please, have a seat.” She sat across from me and immediately launched into question after question, about my schooling, work experience, and my knowledge of the company. I felt I was doing very well, until I happened to glance down and noticed the toilet paper stuck to my shoe. I completely lost the line of questioning and did my best to hide it behind my other shoe. “I’m sorry, could you, ah, repeat that Mrs. Blackett?” “I was asking if you did get the job, do you have a passport and are you willing to work in a foreign country?” “I applied for a passport on Saturday, as a precaution. I have no issues traveling or working in another country.” She smiled and notated something on her clipboard. I ran my palm down my leg and that is when I felt my pants move. My zipper slipped and suddenly my fly was open. I discretely moved my briefcase over my lap, hiding my bright blue boxers that were now exposed. “Well,” Mrs. Blackett stood up and smiled. “I think that about covers it all. I know you asked about our 401k and health benefits. Were there any other questions for me at this time?” “None at this time. Thank you for the interview.” I stood and made damn sure to keep the briefcase hiding my zipper. “Oh, when might I know your decision about the job?” “My secretary will contact everyone about my decision on Wednesday afternoon.” She turned and began walking to the door. I quickly fixed my zipper and snatched the toilet paper off my shoe, tucking it into my pocket. As I was about to exit, Mrs. Blackett touched my arm and smiled. “It isn’t everyday someone has the, um, issues you did during the interview. I’m impressed how you carried on, staying focused on the interview and the information, even if it did hurt your dignity.” I blushed. “Thank you for not making it an issue.” She laughed and shook my hand as I headed out. It might not have been a perfect interview but I at least felt I had done a good job. I hoped Wednesday might find me employed.
  25. comicfan

    Chapter 6

    Harry is fourteen, out with his boyfriend and his boyfriend's uncles. Ralph just came out to his family because of Harry, and he hasn't figured anything really out yet. Harry disappeared while under their watch. Stevie understands Harry is exploring, but Ralph doesn't get it and Chris is ticked for Harry wandering off and hurting Ralph.

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