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At the risk of being banged up in a soapbox, I have to say there is something deeply immoral about the video too. Apart from an ad exec seeing an opportunity in a blind man down on his luck, one has to wonder if ONE of the potential messages here is that helping him survive is better than helping him live. It was also rather patronising in that she did not tell him what she had written. Indeed, she did not even tell him she had written it at first. We are led to beleve, in the stiry, that h is happy to be portrayed in this way. Many blind people, and others with disablities, would strongly object to being portrayed as acting too heavily on their impairments. A lot of food for thought in what is certainly a well intentioned video.

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*** Locks NNN in a Soap Box ***


I think that if you really went into things that deeply, you could find someone that would disagree or have issue with almost any form of advertising or multi media broadcast promoting something.


While I don't completely disagree with ya NNN, I do think that in the greater scheme of things, it was just a pleasant thought, and meant to encourage rather than offend.


Nuff said, hope that Soap Box is big enuff for you mr! :P

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<Screams Kicks Shouts Swears Bites Scratches Punches> NotNoNever goin into any soapbox. Anyway, my knuckles don't reach that far down. I'm Welsh, nearly as bad as the Scots, short arms, deep pockets, lol. No knuckle dragging here TYVM :rofl:

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