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Funny Sports Reactions

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As Adam likes to say, I'm a fan of sports fandom, so I love watching reactions people have to sports. Here's a compilation of funny fan reactions, mainly to the Super Bowl.

    The first two reactions didn't do much for me, but once we got to the guy reacting to the AFC champ win, it picked up. My favorites were the
 , and the young 49ers fan going nuts with anger . There's also a funny bit at the end with a Buffalo Bills fan who is so pumped up and talking trash on the Dallas Cowboys...it made me think of Harry Grace. God, that had to have sucked back  in the 90's. I only had to watch the Eagles lose in the Super Bowl once. I can't imagine what it'd be like to watch them lose 4 times. (That was also true of the Vikings, right?)

    Then there's this hysterical clip of Keith Letorneau, who went absolutely batshit crazy while watching the Ravens vs. Broncos game. This video got over 200k views, and because of that, he and his family were flown out to watch the Super Bowl game. I was wondering why the wife didn't post his reaction to the Super Bowl, and that's apparently why- because he was actually at it. That's a pretty damn lucky break- I wonder what his reaction was when the 49ers almost pulled off a comeback victory. Edited by methodwriter85
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