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The Hunger Games- Catching Fire

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    They've released a bunch of these portraits ...they're done up Capitol haute couture portraits for all the different characters. They look pretty great, especially Katniss. They really upped the wardrobe for this film, which is great. Katniss's interview dress was such a disapointment in the Hunger Games.





     Check out Sam Claflin as Finnick O'Dair...after seeing this, I totally think he's going to pull the character off:




    Would I have preferred Armie Hammer? Yeah, but I think Sam looks pretty hot as Finnick. He's got fantastic bone structure.


     I love that he's got what is essentially a pirate costume on. I totally think that fits with his District 4, sea-goer image.


    Anyway...8 more months! Yay!

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