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Harry Potter and The History Boys


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oh how sad, I will miss him!!


Richard Griffiths, the nimble British character actor best known to American audiences as cantankerous, wizard-fearing Uncle Vernon in the blockbuster Harry Potter films, died Thursday at a hospital in Coventry, England. He was 65.
The cause was complications from heart surgery, his agent, Simon Beresford, told British media.


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He was a great actor, and will be fondly remembered here in the UK for roles in TV shows such as Pie In The Sky, Bergerac and The Sweeney.


Like many British actors, he started out as a stage actor with the Royal Shakespeare Company.


The Harry Potter films introduced this versatile and highly popular actor to a brand new generation.


He will be missed.

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We're lucky he lived as long as he did, to reach 65 being such a big guy all his adult life, and with so many brilliant character roles preserved in film and TV [he was also offered the role of Dr Who].

Gotta mention his portrayal of the predatory gay Uncle Monty in Withnail and I

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