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Castaway Jose Salvador Alvarenga said he spent most of his 13 months adrift at sea thinking about chickens, tortillas and his family.
A castaway who says he survived 13 months at sea mostly thought about food, family and death.
Fisherman Jose Salvador Alvarenga told Agence France Presse Tuesday that he pushed the body of his fellow fisherman overboard after he starved to death — a moment that tested his own faith.
"I didn't want to die of starvation," he said through a Spanish interpreter at Majuro Hospital on the Marshall Islands — some 8,000 miles from where he’d set off in Mexico.
"There were times I would think about killing myself. But I was scared to do it," he added, raising his arm, pointing to heaven and declaring: “God! Faith!”
"The hardest thing I had to do to survive was to drink my own urine," he told AFP, adding that he was forced to take the drastic measure during a period when “for three months it didn't rain.”
When it finally did, he used the hull of his dilapidated 24-foot fiberglass boat to store water.




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