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Olympic Doom

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Thanks for posting that.  It was interesting, and a bit depressing. 


I found the whole show to be a bit unrepresentative of past Olympic sites.  Many of the photos were of Sarajevo, and it is reasonable to assume that the horrible civil war that gripped that nation would have had a more deleterious effect on the Olympic sites than those in other countries.  The other Olympic site pictured, Calgary, also showed serious dilapidation.  Calgary suffered no similar civil war that I'm aware of.  :P The photos of Murmansk did not, IMHO, belong in this show, since they were a training facility, and not an Olympic site.

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I know it was a summer Olympics, but everything they built in London is still being used. and the Athletes village is now being turned into moderately priced city centre housing, which is smart.

Unfortunately I still consider the Olympics to be both a wonderful spectacular celebration, and a colossal waste of money and resources. The London 2012 turned into pretty much a show for the commercial sponsors, because you could not but any food or drink in an Olympic venue which wasn't from a sponsor - and that left everyone with remarkably little choice in this city of culture.


the slides were rather beautiful and depressing.

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There are several success stories too - Lake Placid New York for example. They hosted a second Winter Olympics, serves as a training facility, and draws tourists year round. Was a trip to sit in the sun watching the ski jumpers practice their arial gymnastics to land in a pool in July!

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I like seeing old delaputated structures... they're cool and yes melancholy to look at... also they're something I'd love to explore and since events being what they are, i never get to :(


The only olympics i remember that made an impact on my syche is the one that had the long tubular streetlights... which is to say Barcelona in 1992...

*sighs* as my friends say I like long tubular structures..... further proof that i was gay even if they didn't know :P



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