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Hahaha, Did I say Monday?


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I meant Tuesday! After I didn't...um...go see "X-Men" with some friends of mine and spend the whole night partying! LOL! By the way...holy SHIT!!! "X-Men:Days Of Future Past" is AMAZING!!! Just saying!


Ok, so the Comicality Summer celebration is starting a week early! And it's starting off with Ariel and Tyler in a brand new chapter of "Kiss Of An Angel"! So check it out, and let me know what you think!




I'm sort of...erm...dealing with a few personal issues at the moment. So, it hurts, and I apologize ahead of time if I seem weird. BUT...I've worked too hard to let the show stop now! So be sure to keep looking in! This is going to be the busiest Comicality Summer in the history of the website! And you WON'T want to miss it!


Enjoy! And I'll seezya sooner than later! :)

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Hehehe....oh yeah...there are BIG plans for "GFD" this Summer! Believe me! I won't say anything togive spoilers away, but "GFD" si going to get turned on it's ear this Summer! You'll see! :)P

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Hehehe, sighhh...can you and I get married, dude? Like...tomorrow? :P

I'm taken remember ;)


Not too sure how my BF is gonna react after one of his top authors wants to marry me....heh who knows, maybe he'll be happy because he gets access to your fortune! :D


Errr I mean gets to learn how to write from you! Yea that's it, no money motives here! No Sir! Nope...None! :P

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