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A Special Bond!

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My cell phone was ringing almost every minute.  Never had so many messages and calls waiting at the same time.  I was shopping for new pair of shoes, however had to run back to my crib as my immediate and extended family was waiting on me.  It was the last time that they were going to see me.  Everyone was eagerly waiting for me to return.  I had to get ready in short period of time before we could drive to the international airport.  For the first time I was enjoying the maddening traffic of Mumbai, since i was flying to a new country.  I guess i will miss that madness.  With many hugs and kisses, I entered the international airport.  I was so fascinated with the sight of  multiple airlines having their airplanes stationed at the port, scheduled to fly different parts of the world.   Proceeding to the my designated terminal at the airport, I was trying to make sense out of all the flight schedules hanging around the airport.  Passengers were scurrying in all directions.  It the only at airport that I saw people from different countries, cultures, races and ethnicity at the same time, same place.  With all those airplanes making that noise landing and taking off, I felt like it was a future calling, but I wasn’t aware of the gravity of that situation, life was moving into whole different direction.  Entire life setting was about to change in a matter of 18 hours.  Destiny was opening different avenues for me.  Changes were not new to me.  However this was the biggest change in my life.  Since I belonged to the third world country, where people struggle to meet their basics, the whole American dream was making me nervous, thinking whether or not; I could catch up with the modern lifestyle of the so called advanced country, United States of America.  It was 6th Feb 2013, my journey began at Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal, Mumbai.  I was flying BA 138 a nonstop flight to Heathrow, London and further to Washington Dulles, VA.

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I think you are mistaking the process for posting stories on this site. This forum is for discussing stories that are posted by authors in the Stories area. You don't actually post any fiction on the forum boards. If you would like to post a story, I suggest you review our faq topic for new authors titled, 'New Author Help: How to Post a Story' which can be found through the Help tab in the red menu bar. There are also quite a few topics in there explaining the other areas of the site, and how they can be utilized. :)

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