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Billy Martin

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I'm looking for someone to look over three chapters (7500+ words) and let me know (1) if the story is worth reading (2) for grammar (3) if you might be interested in either being my beta reader or editor for this story.  I don't intend to post any of the story until the story is completed, beta read, and edited, so there's no reason at all for the story not to post once a week.


Please either let me know here or private message me.





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Here's a taste......



The roar of the home crowd in Hazard dialed up a couple of notches as they were looking for a strike-out by their all-state pitcher. Sammy focused in on the pitcher, drowning out the crowd. The big right handed pitcher decided to pitch from the wind-up, foregoing the stretch which allowed Steve to take off on the pitch.


Sammy took the pitch that was a slow curve that looked high and inside to Sammy, but broke enough for the umpire to call it strike. The catcher faked a throw to second by only throwing it back to the pitcher, but Robby wasn’t taking any chances with the Cougars down by two; his run alone meant nothing.


The next pitch was a fastball a little off the plate, low and outside. The count now one and one the pitcher sent a fastball high and tight, for ball two. With first base open, Sammy figured they wanted to end this game with him and not chance facing the Cougars’ clean-up hitter Brent Slone.


Tommy Sutton had one of the best curves Sammy had ever seen and with the last two pitches being fastballs out of the strike zone, Sammy was sitting on the all-state pitcher’s curve ball. The Bulldogs’ star rocked into his wind-up and threw a pitch that appeared to be heading right at Sammy’s head, but the Cougar’s heart and soul was ready for it and stayed back and waited for the break he knew was coming.


About ten feet before the plate, the pitch started its break. Sammy shifted his weight to his back foot and started his forward stride into the pitch. Right when the ball reached the plate, Sammy text book swing connected. The sound of the bat meeting the ball told all who knew that sound everything they needed to know. The left fielder didn’t even move. He just stared up at it as the ball sailed over his head, knowing he didn’t have a chance. It must have traveled three hundred and fifty feet over the left field fence for a three run homer, before it landed in the middle of the parking lot by the field.


Sammy was met at home plate after he rounded the bases by his whole team. Well, all except for Brent Slone. Brent stood in the on deck circle and stared at Sammy. Nevertheless, Sammy felt like his life was coming together and was finally being accepted by his teammates. Growing up half Indian in a small town like Pine Hills had been hard on him. Names like half-bred and little squaw were heard more than he liked and they hurt every time, because Sammy was proud of his heritage.


His mother, a full blooded Cherokee Princes, unfortunately died giving birth to him. He had always felt somewhat responsible for her death, not that anyone ever gave him reason to feel so, because his father loved him dearly and was very proud of him in everything he attempted. Yet, the young boy felt something was missing in his life. Like he wasn’t whole or a part of him was missing.


As Sammy headed towards the dugout, Tony Thompson, grinning from ear to ear, threw his arm around his shoulder. “Way to crush the ball Sammy.”


Sammy smiled. “Thanks Tony. It was like I knew what pitch was coming.” Sammy and Tony had been getting closer since baseball season started. Sammy was developing a crush him. While both were sophomores, Tony was both physically bigger and lighter skinned than Sammy, most were, with Sammy’s natural darker skin and five foot eight inch frame.

Edited by Billy Martin
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Hi, looks interesting. I don't mind helping you with the grammar and stuff, just have a problem and that's I'm clueless about... Was it baseball? Anyhow you can count on me if no one else stepped in.

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