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  1. Hey hey! you're still here!

    1. paul.b


      Yep still here 

  2. paul.b

    Chapter 12

    Thank you for posting this story I have really enjoyed reading ii can't wait for the next one I.have been checking all day long waiting and was just about to go to bed thinking i was going to have another sleepless night and then it it was there
  3. paul.b

    Chapter 11

    Looks like another sleepless night for me and Gianni
  4. Hello paul.b. I went through your 103 story list and found 3 that I have read. That is great, I now have 100 more stories to look at, thank you very much. You get along well with everyone and your comments are appreciated, judging by the likes attached to them. you are what helps to make this site a community and home away from home, don't stop and thank you.

    It is still the 27th here(Montreal) so I can wish you a Happy 61st Birthday. I hope that you had a grand day of celebration and that all is well.


    Take care


  5. Made my day 2 of my favourite stories posting oon my birthday
  6. paul.b

    The Letters

    This made my birthday my two favourite stories posted chapters today
  7. See the source image  


        Many, many more!

  8. Happy Birthday! I hope it's a great day for you.

  9. What happened to chapter 3 ?

    1. Jason Rimbaud

      Jason Rimbaud

      ITs in moderation at the moment. It will be up as soon as they post it. :)

  10. I cant believe it has come to a end with out the wedding. Well at least i will be able to sleep at night with out waking up to see if a new chapter has been posted .There has only been one other story that has got me so emotionally involved it's a credit to your writing I will be looking forward to the oliver book and hope he is still with Mark but while I'm waiting i had better start reading tales of the underground Thanks for the great story
  11. Have a great trip back
  12. You can't beat a good home made suday roast and there's a lot of graat restaurants with great British chefs the food has changed in the uk in the last 25 years its a long time since I've been to Canada so i don't know what its like there now
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