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Man Follows Stolen Phone to China; Finds Fame and Friendshp

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Buzzfeed posted this surprisingly good article about a guy who realized his stolen IPhone was taken to China. He wrote an article about it, and it went viral in China, turning him into a minor celebrity there. Matt then went on an eye-opening trip to China to meet the man who received his stolen IPhone, and found fame, exotic locales, and friendship as a result.


I Followed My Stolen IPhone to China, Became A Celebrity, and Made A Friend For Life


It's long but worth it. I love the strange twists and turns life takes sometimes, and the connections we make that surprise us.That has to be such a strange and insane experience.


It also makes me really curious about Chinese fandom culture, and internet fame in general. Anybody who has a story that becomes viral can get their 15 minutes of fame.

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The hunger I see here in San Diego when our Chinese tourists come over comes from this longing for a connection. I am continually pulled over by Chinese people wanting to know this or that or wanting their photo taken. They are in love with America!


I would have never thought such a thing possible while growing up. Mao's era was just ending and the horrors of the Cultural Revolution were still reverberating though the Hidden Empire. American and Chinese relations were virtually nonexistent. 


Now a simple lost phone cracks open a hole in a crumbling wall. There is much going on here on a lot of levels. This man's experience is probably more significant than he can ever know.

The Dragon is Rising...but it does so with a smile!

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Wow.  What an incredible story!  You can see how much they genuinely care for each other.  I don't think you can deny that was fate.  Thanks for sharing.  :)

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