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  1. Valkyrie

    Wayne's Prompts #7

    I actually did both of these prompts when they were first posted. They're two of my favorites. https://gayauthors.org/story/valkyrie/2014promptresponses/15 https://gayauthors.org/story/valkyrie/2014promptresponses/14
  2. Valkyrie

    Chapter 1

    A tragic end to a tragic life. The description in this story was very good. I could picture what was happening clearly. Since you like writing short stories, you should consider participating in the GA anthology. Guidelines can be found in the Anthology section of the Writer's Club.
  3. Valkyrie

    In the end

    You packed a lot into a short story... in a good way. I got a clear sense of all the characters and their relationships to/with each other. Leo will move on to his next disaster, Lulu will take care of Paul until the cancer takes him, and Jeffrey will take some antibiotics and wait for the next infection. Well done and well written. I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories.
  4. Valkyrie

    Chapter 8

    Guan Hongye seems to be making Hong Shen more human. Great chapter! And thanks for posting two chapters this week. I'm looking forward to the next one.
  5. Valkyrie

    Chapter 6

    I was totally prepared to hate Daniella, but instead I ended up liking her Silver and Feldspar are growing as a couple. It was nice to see how well Silver was accepted and see him relax and become more comfortable around Feldspar's friends. And now I want Pringles. And more of this story
  6. Charlie Brown Cartoon GIF by Peanuts

    Happy Thanksgiving to our Neighbors to the North 🍁

    1. Slytherin


      A bird eating a bird :huh: :unsure2: 

  7. Keep sending those stories in for the Fall anthology! There's still time to get one completed and sent to the review team Mine is almost finished and will be sent to my team soon. It may be an unpopular opinion, but I have no problem keeping DST. I do have some trouble adjusting, but not for long. To me, it's just part of the change of the seasons. A mystery, huh? I'm intrigued...
  8. It's my day today, so the shiny is miney! Beer and pizza for all in LPWland!
  9. Now I know what to call the giant snowdrifts that form in my driveway every winter ❄️
  10. Valkyrie

    Chapter 5

    Silver's garbage feast was perfect Cheetos are best when eaten by the handful and washed down with vanilla ice cream. Now that Feldspar's tasted Twinkies, he needs some Ho Hos too Great chapter! Going to the beach was definitely better than the full moon party.
  11. Who else has Dark Side of the Moon in their head now?
  12. Fantastic interview! I'm sufficiently intrigued to check the story out.
  13. I've already read this story and loved it! Great choice for the CSR feature. I'm looking forward to the interview
  14. Probably. The angry reaction was for the hackers
  15. It's down here too. I can't even use Messenger
  16. Especially if @wildone or @Zombie are around
  17. Tom Hanks Hello GIF

    Hi hi!!  I'm in your neck of the woods this weekend :)

    1. Slytherin


      Bom Dia Hello GIF
      Hello from the other side :gikkle:

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