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Factorio: The Little Game That Makes You Think Big

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This is an awesome game, even for early access:



Here's a nice review of the game that will give you guys some idea:




As the review says:



Show’s over, building games. It’s time to go home.


Seriously: I can’t think where there is left to go after Factorio [official site]. It pushes the concept of resource-management to such an extreme that anything that does anything less risks seeming underwhelming, while anything which tries to go further could well be overwhelming. We’re talking dozens of conveyor belts, hundreds of robotic arms, thousands of chunks of ore, and constructions quite possibly in the millions. It’s a remarkable thing.


There is a free demo too if you don't want to take the plunge like me and buy the early access version

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Hmm... mine a precious resource on another world, with a risk of natives attacking you...


...let me guess, is the world Pandora, and the people the Na'vi? :P


The aliens evolve if you pollute the planet and they become more powerful and aggressive as you build up your factories and industrial complex.


Basically, they're the Zerg at their fully evolved level, so you need to build a lot of laser turrets and weapons to kill them..

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