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Olympian Science Geek - Cameron Mcevoy

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So to show that science and sports do mix, I'd like to introduce Cameron McEvoy. Australian Olympian, and science geek, nickname "The Professor".




To quote from his Wikipedia article:



McEvoy is a physics and mathematics student at Griffith University. At the 2016 Olympic trials he gained attention by wearing a swim cap with the signal of two merging black holes to celebrate the first observation of gravitational waves that was announced two months earlier. The year before he wore a cap showing a Feynman diagram of a positron and an electron annihilating


A more complete article, with some interesting pictures from facebook and Instagram, can be found here.

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Graeme, as is most often the case you have the ability to select excellent subject material for your posts. That, as a rule are of interest to most, if not all of our membership. Yup, you have done it once more. :worship: Now I will be hard pressed to choose between my Canadian Olympic swimmer(s) and McEvoy, should they race him in Rio.




Well done



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Graeme, I am glad I had said 'as a rule' and not always. Despite the lack of response to this thread, I think that in a few months McEvoy will prove us (you and I) to be right in Rio. Then on the geek side, time will I am certain justify this thread.   Go Cameron McEvoy Go!, reach for the stars.

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This is something that often gets lost in the stereotypes. There's a belief (exemplified by a LOT of YA and teen media) that jocks or other athletically inclined people are not intelligent and academically capable. It's nice to see that particular stereotype being broken down.

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I think there are enough examples to show that the stereotype has a basis in reality, but also enough examples to show that it's by no means universal. I like Cameron because he's at the more extreme end when it comes to showing a smart athlete :) He's also not afraid of people knowing it and he does it in a way that isn't snobbish :D


One of my favourites is this Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/t2Ek1ZG3Um/



I finished my session tonight and then calculated that (in theory) I should hold 2:13's for infinity 200m freestyles. But experiment definitely disagrees with theory and I 100% can not do that!! But I had fun playing with a little maths and physics anyway
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