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Iso Beta Reader - Shifter Fantasy - Multiple One Shot

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Looking for someone to take a look at a series of 7 one shots (based on a future novel not yet completed). Each One Shot is about 1500-2000 words but one is longer and 2 are shorter.

Mostly I'm looking for someone to catch any bad plotting or failed charecterization. Maybe some last minute spelling and grammer me and my spell check missed.

Ive never worked with a editor/beta reader but did beta reading for a friend once. I prefer to use comments in google docs but other arangements could be made.


The story is about a family of shifters as they adopt a new member and the relationship between the two boys.




Aidan woke up when he heard the door click open. He pulled the younger boy closer, hiding his body behind him. He smelt his parents enter the room. He made sure the blanket was covering the smaller boy completely, to keep him warm of course, before rolling over to face his parents.

“I told you he would make it. He’s a shifter like us.”

“What happened last night Aidan?” His father asked carefully.

“He changed.”

Gwen gasped and put a hand on her husband’s arm, “There’s no way, Lennox. He’s too young. Could he be bitten?”

“No, he knew what was happening. He’s definitely a born shifter.” Aidan turned back to the sleeping boy. His face was soft, almost angelic in sleep. He knew behind those softly twitching eyelids were the brightest blue eyes he had even seen.

“Aidan, he can’t be more than 10.”

“I know, I know. But that’s what happened. And he is completely healed.”

“Maybe his injuries triggered an early change?”

“Maybe he’s just special.” Aidan said absent mindedly.

“Hmm…” Lennox grunted.

“He IS special.” Aidan insisted. He turned his head towards his parents, one hand gently playing across the young boy’s hair. “He can stay with us, right? We can’t leave him alone. I’m going to keep him. I’m going to take care of him now.” He looked back down on the boy, his voice going soft, “My special little pup. I’ll take care of you.”

Without waking the little boy pushed his head into Aidan’s hand, deepening the contact. His breath soft and even, his heart beating steadily. Completely synchronized with Aidan’s.

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