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Prompt #536 - Word List

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yes please!



“It’s not like it’s a hard choice Devon. What’s more important, a sword or a new car?”

I sighed, and leant back against my boyfriend. I hated it when he was being sensible.

“I don’t want to pick. I’d rather have a burrito and blow job to be perfectly honest.”

“Devon!” Jacob slapped my bicep in mock horror at my suggestion. “You’re so lewd!” He settled himself against the tree, and wrapped his arms more firmly around my abdomen, keeping me pinned. I didn’t mind, because even though it was the middle of the afternoon, we were perfectly alone at the edge of our favourite hayfield, and I could already feel the shape and warmth of Jacob’s arousal pressing against me through our clothes.

“It’s such a nice sword though...” I mused gently.


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