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Anyone Know What Happened To Deweywriter?

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Check CRVBoy. Robb (from CRVBoy) has been maintaining the site for awhile now. I recently received an email from Robb saying Dewey was closing the site and he was contacting all the authors at the site to offer to host them at CRVBoy.

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I know life goes on and that nothing lasts for ever. It does not make me feel any better, knowing that. I will miss the site. When an author I follow passes like Ghost Rider, Walker or Sanchez, I feel bad because through their stories they became my friends and I will truly miss them.


When a site goes down, it is as if a plane crashed and all the passengers were writers. Many of whom were friends. Hopefully the survivors will recover and not be afraid to fly once more.



(time marches on)

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I really like that story....  It's among the first gay stories I read online that I felt it's like whoa..., it's not about horny teenagers do what they need to do..., but real love.  I blame it for my obsession of searching for the real gay love.

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