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WKW - William King Writing

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This thread is dedicated to bringing you news about my writing, discussing stuff, and anything you want to say here rather than in story comments, about my books. You know, the things like: that didn't seem real, hated that bit, how did you/could you write that, what next?


I typed in WKW as a snappy title, the spell check kept changing it to WOW! That's okay I guess, I don't have any problems with WOW! Anyway, I would love to interact with anyone who wants to, and if not, that's fine too. I will be checking back here from time to time to let you know what's going on.


So what is going on? I was very fortunate to find a great editor for Refugee, and now that we have almost completed the re-edit, I am starting to publish it. The book appears as a new story, for the publicity, well perhaps. But, it was always intended as one single book, in four parts, which is really why it is getting published a fresh.


Rompecabezas I wrote way back in 2016. I say, way back, because I've learnt a whole lot about how to write since then. Which has prompted me to edit and proof read the book. This is so I don't cringe at the errors I made back then. I still make mistakes, but hopefully less with the practice I've had. The book gets published with the new edition over the old, so you need to follow the story if you want up dates, it won't appear as a new book.


That's all for now good people, happy reading. 

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So... what's happening?

Refugee Chapter Six is out NOW - and, I know, it's a cliffhanger ending, but the next chapter follows over the weekend.

So... not long to wait, to find out what happens Do they make it out, or not?


I have not forgotten about Rompecabezas, and you can expect more chapters next week.

If you can't wait till then, check out the next chapter here: Chapter Eight


Happy reading. Comments and discussion always welcome. What did you like, not like? I want to hear, yes really, I do!


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I decided to put these links in here. Anyone who is reading, or has read Refugee, might wonder how the story got written, what is the reality. Although in the intro I said the story was referenced from various sources, here are some of those I researched.


I'm not telling you to read them all, unless you are interested, but it gives an idea of what went into writing this story and where the facts came from. Wherever possible I cross referenced accounts, a means of verifying their veracity in a world of fake news, lies, and outright propaganda.

















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