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Help me! Looking for a story

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Please help me, i've been trying to find this story for ages.


I'm pretty sure I read it on Nifty, but really can't find it.


It's about a young guy that goes to highschool and takes a car ride everyday with a couple of friends. Thing develop and he becomes a kind of sexual release for his friends who have sex with him everyday. I remember there was one chapter in which they went to a cemetery and had sex there. The absolute final chapter has the main character returning to his hometown where it all happened, quite a few years later, and he starts being fucked in a bar.


Please help me! Sorry for the bad description, but i read it ages ago and never found it again!



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Does the MC end up with his friend’s dad, living in the Caribbean?  It sounds like Knowing I’m Going to Get Fucked by Peterbilt, ended on Dec 2011.  That one also ends with a visit to a cemetery a few years after starting, but no bar in final chapter.  

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