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Sneak Peek Kabal ( Third book of The King's Mate series)

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Book 1 The Holly and the Ivy; Book 2 Caesura


Landyn paced around the empty space in front of the gate, compulsively pulling at his short ponytail every few steps.

Except for a young Asian couple, Simon, and him, the people waiting for passengers from flight AA1034 were long gone.

Impatiently he turned to his mate, who tried to get a glimpse through the tinted glass wall dividing the arrival area from the security section behind. "Do you see him yet?"

"No," Simon grumbled. "Maybe he missed the plane. Everyone from that damned plane must have gotten out by now, including the pilot, the copilot, and the very last tardy member of his crew. Where is he?" He shoved his hands in the pockets of his black canvas shorts and walked over to his lover.

Landyn stared at the blinking lights appearing next to the flight numbers on the information board. "Are you sure this is the right flight? Did you cross-check the dates? You know how he is with numbers sometimes."

Simon rolled his eyes. "Of course. I checked the dates as well as the passenger list."

"How did you get your hands on the… Never mind, there he is!" Landyn gestured in the direction of the escalators, relief clearly visible on his face.

Together they watched Noël carefully lead a petite older Japanese lady towards the security gate; one of her hands firmly rested in the crook of his left arm. With his other hand, he pulled a huge yellow suitcase with a duffle bag piled on top of it behind them. Seeing he also carried an apparently heavy backpack on his shoulders, Landyn murmured, “It looks like he turned into a shopaholic in Japan.”

“It’s probably all the cool stuff he couldn’t stop talking about.”

The sliding doors opened and Noël squinted, brows wrinkled in concentration, as he looked around. When his gaze fell on his friends, he smiled briefly but then turned to his charge and talked to her quietly while patting her arm. The couple that had been waiting with them rushed over as soon as the doors swished open. Noël talked briefly to them and then took the old lady's fragile hand, which was still holding on to him, and placed it on the young woman's arm. He then gave the handle of the big suitcase over to the man after he lifted the duffle bag from it. They spoke again quietly and the woman bowed several times before she gave Noël two long, narrow, padded bags, which he immediately slung over his shoulder. This time Noël bowed before he finally turned around and sought out his friends, who had been watching all of this curiously from a polite distance.




I hope this makes  you curious and looking forward to book three. I plan to post the first chapter in January. Thoughts? 

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2 hours ago, Timothy M. said:

Interesting - seems like Noel has made contacts in Japan.

I was a little confused about the Japanese woman bowing and handing bags, while she was supporting the older woman. And where did those bags appear from ? 


Thanks. :)  Maybe Landyn wasn't paying attention to the Japanese couple, but was only seeing/waiting for Noël . Not very body-guardi~sh , huh?

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1 hour ago, aditus said:

Thanks. :)  Maybe Landyn wasn't paying attention to the Japanese couple, but was only seeing/waiting for Noël . Not very body-guardi~sh , huh?


Nope - especially since they might be concealed weapons. A samurai sword perhaps ? :lol: 

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