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  1. Timothy M.


    Yeah, but why did the friend (who herself lives locally, so she could give advice too) suggests meeting Adam's mother ? is it to help her by introducing her to Emily ? That's what I'm hoping.
  2. Timothy M.


    I was wondering too how Emily got in contact with Felicity. Someone who knows both of them or in a more roundabout way ? If a mutual acquaintance, then it could be a plot to helt Felicity. I'm glad Eric can make the effort now to accept a friendly contact. Emily could be a good resource for him, when the family moves in.
  3. What kind of food ? I hope it's not 'Danish pastry' which is nothing like our wienerbrød.
  4. Timothy M.

    Settling In

    I'm glad they have so many months where all is well, and that D'gar is becoming a good Wimgsecond. Consiering how J'rud is almost like a third Weyrmate, it's surprising he's not able to comfort D'gar afterwards.
  5. Timothy M.


    I'm just surprised anyone bothers to send a physical letter at this day and age. Good thing they don't know his email address, and I hope it's not something obvious. But at leastthere were some positive reactions too.
  6. Timothy M.

    In Demand

    I thoroughly sympathize with Eric's revulsion at being the centre of attention and spoken to by utter strangers. Although I suppose the new neighbor was just being polite.
  7. Timothy M.

    Chapter 11

    I guess Caleb sprung the trap successfully. Now he just needs to make a 'killing' with the date.
  8. Timothy M.

    Chapter 9

    Caleb seems to be a clever and wary hunter, who stalks his prey carefully and gently.
  9. Timothy M.

    Friday (Night)

    Somehow i missed out on the final chapter of this story, but it was a great treat to come back to. I'm very glad Jeff realized that Simon was clueless about all his hints. Also, that Jeff was brave enough to ask Simon directly. Those two boys will be great for each other, and i bet having Jeff as a boyfriend will improve Simon's relationship with his mum, too. Nicki obviously thinks so, she's such a cool character. Thanks for sharing this story with us.
  10. Timothy M.

    Chapter 8

    Hmm, wanna bet Caleb will turn up for the Q&A ? Looking very nice too.
  11. Timothy M.

    Chapter 7

    I think Caleb is lonely and would like a close friend, and Hunter is probably the only remotely likeable guy he knows. The may be romance in the future, but I don't think this is the reason right now.
  12. Timothy M.


    I'm glad the three guys have found a way to have a good relationship. Maybe the healers will recommend the water therapy for other dragons, once they see how well it works for Herebeth.
  13. Timothy M.

    Thread Damaged

    Herebeth the hero dragon I'm glad D'gar had a restful and nice period first with his two weyrmates, adnd that he's doing well in his wingsecond studies.
  14. Timothy M.

    Chapter 5

    I very much enjoyed the revenge Hunter got over Madison. I doubt Caleb is gay or bi, but if he is, he is pretty relaxed about it, even if he is in the closet.
  15. I loved that Craig confronted Greg about his sloppy work, and I hope he'll report him properly about the EQ issue. He should make as much ruckus as possible, so they'll offer him a nice sum to retire.
  16. Timothy M.

    Turning Seasons

    I'm glad both R'feem and N'rir can see the good leadership qualities that D'ram has.
  17. Timothy M.

    Chapter 18

    Oh well, I guess I can put up with JJ in order to see Will trying to be a good brother.
  18. Timothy M.

    Chapter 11

    No surprise that Pastor Simpson is in the closet. I totally approve of the revenge idea, but I wish Matt would make careful plans rather than simply going to confront him. Especially since the Pastor might be expecting him.
  19. I, too, would appreciate Brian having a beta reader as well as me doing line-editing. Especially since political stuff is not my forté, whether in a fantasy setting or not.
  20. Timothy M.

    Chapter 4

    I think Hunter dealt quite well with the freaky parents. I think the Brett issue may actually have helped Hunter tone down the romance dreams, which was probably a good thing, or he could get his heart broken over and over, when people took advantage of him..
  21. Timothy M.

    Luduth's Flight

    I'm very glad to see the healer takes concussion seriously and keeps D'gar under observation as well as preventing him from fighting Thread. With his symptoms he obviously has a bad concussion, and he needs rest and quiet until he's completely symptom free.
  22. Timothy M.

    Chapter 3

    I don't think Gary would be able to act and talk the way he did, if he wasn't telling the truth. Hunter gained valuable experiences and insights from his relationship with Gary, and I'm glad they had the final talk to close the book on that. It's sad that Hunter can't understand why his parents can be happy in their lives without money or power, but hopefully he'll understand when he grows up.
  23. I'm glad D'gar is getting some calm days with J'rud and his normal duties after the drama with his weyrmate. But the mass mating flight may shake things up !
  24. Timothy M.


    I bet Craig will discover that Greg is making a lot of short cuts and mising potential problems. Hopefully, this stupid new scheme will be the push he needs to quit is job. James will be happy to help him find something to do locally.
  25. Timothy M.

    Chapter 16

    I gues I'll have to update the List, lol. I feel sorry for Connie, but at least he has some friends who know and like him the way he is.
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