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Imagine Magazine #47 Is Up!


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Greetings and salutations, Shackers! :)

I'm having an absolutely fantastic day today, and I hope you guys are too!

It has been an extremely hectic two weeks, but that's not going to stop us from getting stuff done! Hehehe! So super thanks to Jeffsfort and to ALL of our contributing authors for helping us put together <I>another</I> successful issue of Imagine Magazine for the month of April!!!

Issue number 47 is live right now, and you guys can check it out whenever you get the chance! (<a href="https://imagine-magazine.org/">https://imagine-magazine.org/</a>)

We have a few new gifts from The Story Lover, including the newest chapter of "Hearts Across Space", a new chapter of "Let Me Tell You About Bob" from Jules Porter, and Beldro Mercer brings us chapter 5 of his fantasy epic, "The Golden Bridge Chronicle"! We've got new additions from Lindon Weztser, MrM, Juju, and a new entry from Ruwen Rouhs called, "Four Nights In St. Bartholomew"! ALSO...a first time contribution from the Shack's very own, Arturo, called 'Aristemo'! Be sure not to miss that one! (Thanks for the article, Arturo! Mwah!) All of that is waiting for you guys right now! Not to mention our usual collection of articles, photo galleries, music, and typical wackiness!

So head on over and soak it up! And remember to give our talented creators a short note to let them know what you think of their work! You're involvement is helping to cultivate the grand stories that they will have to tell in the future! So give them a nod, and send some love their way, k?

And, as always, we are looking for more talented writers and artists, poets and reviewers, to join our growing community and share the spotlight with the rest of us! So contact me at Comicality@webtv.net so I can be sure to save you a spot in a future issue!


We've still got a LOT more work to do! Many more new chapters are coming your way! Many more vampire snacks are coming your way as well! So buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

I'll be seein' ya! Sooner than later!

Love always!

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