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Pride & Premium Story 2: Quokka's Heartache & Terror

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Happy Pride Month! Celebrate with our newest Pride & Premium story by GA Author @quokka This story will take you on a ride of twists and turns both for the characters and the story as events unfold they probably never expected to face! These Premium short stories are just for our Premium subscribers, so if you haven't signed up for your membership yet, what are you waiting for? You can also discuss here, if you want to talk about the story beyond the story comments and reviews. 

Heartache & Terror

Length: 10,408 

Description: After many years of University and Army training, 21-year-old Struan Kenrick is given two weeks leave before being transferred to a new position in Darwin. On arrival at the airport close to the family properties, Struan learns from his oldest brother, Euan, that their youngest brother Sawney is being ostracised by their grandparents, making him isolated and depressed. Determined to improve the situation for his baby brother, Struan organised for Sawney and him to go on a short holiday, firstly on the Indian Pacific train, and then a stay on Rottnest Island, but things take a dramatic change once on the train.

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    • By Cia
      What is Premium?
      Premium membership is a subscription service on GA that funds the site and keeps it open for business.  Subscribers get access to special stories and have external site ads removed in exchange for a low monthly fee.  A new chapter or story is added each week. Premium can be found when you click "Premium" on the main menu: https://www.gayauthors.org/subscriptions/ Available in: 1 Month 3 Month (logo shown above) 6 Month 12 Month There is a discount for longer subscriptions Premium Stories, can be found by clicking "Premium" on the right side menu when viewing stories: https://www.gayauthors.org/stories/browse/premium/  
      How does GA use the funding?
      Funding raised through Premium membership service and advertising goes towards paying for the server, software fees, business fees, taxes, site improvements, and content.  If it were not for Premium Content subscribers, the site would not stay open or could not stay open free of charge.
    • By Cia
      Happy Pride Month as June continues! I don't know about you guys, but my Facebook feed is full of friends and features of all sorts of events and happenings this month celebrating all this is amazing about Pride for those who can or choose to celebrate. And for those who are internally celebrating, maybe one day it'll be you too! In the meantime, we have another great Premium short story featuring our "Coming Out" theme written by GA author, @Valkyrie!
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      How would you like to support GA and maybe earn a little spending money? Or Premium access? We need your new 5-15k short stories featuring 'Coming Out' stories for to help celebrate before, during, and after Pride month. Each story would be featured with weekly installments and posted for Premium subscribers, with a copy maintained in our Premium archive. Any author on GA can participate, and stories can be 1-3 chapters in length and any genre, as long as they incorporate the theme and are between 5,000 and 15,000 words. Deadline: April 28th, though earlier is always nice so Cia can help do a proof on your story as they come in! 
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      I remember coming across a premium werewolf pack story. Can’t remember name. It is not part of Meta. Search coming up empty. Anyone remember name? Was it removed?
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