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Imagine Magazine Question For 1/1


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Is there even a question that such a thing exists? The idea of being sexually 'seduced'. To be tempted to do something you don't want to do. People have claimed that they've made 'mistakes', or that they 'had a moment of weakness', blah blah blah. But...did they, though? I mean, what is temptation other than being offered something that you wanted all along, and find yourself willing to sacrifice what you have for something more appealing? Is it a momentary lapse in judgement? Is it a forgivable offense? Or is it an expression of a 'grass is always greener' mentality that you should take as a serious red flag for the future?

I mean, I understand falling prey to a single moment and regretting it later...but is that an actual excuse? Were you seduced, or were you just looking for an opportunity that finally presented itself to you? And if you can be seduced once...who's to say that it can't happen again? Where does self control come into play?

AND...if seduction is a thing...are there any circumstances where you or your partner would give one another a total 'pass'? Like...say your boyfriend cheated on you just one time, but it was one time, and it's because he was being hit on by, like...Will Franklyn Miller! Would you be like, "Oh GOD! Well, fuck yeah...I mean, if it was Will Franklyn Miller, I probably would have cheated too! I can't pass that up!"


So...what is seduction? How susceptible are you to it? Can it be forgiven or overlooked? And under what circumstances would it be 'ok' for you or your partner to give in to it...if any?

Let us know you thoughts on this! And I'll seezya soon! :)

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Does seduction exist? Ummm...yeah, I think it does. I think that we can all be weak when it comes to instant gratification and momentary thrills. It's hard to put into words, but I think it's easier to know why you want something 'right now' than it is to remember why you've loved something for so long. I think we get comfortable. Complacent. And it might be something really wonderful, and what's ultimately best for us...but how does that match up to the excitement and the novelty of something brand new?

The idea of 'familiarity breeds contempt' is a real thing.

Now, have I ever cheated on somebody that I've been in a relationship with? No. I've always cherished my emotional attachments to the people I care about, and I never came across an opportunity that I ever thought was worth risking the damage something like that would cause. But, I have to wonder...is that because I was strong enough to resist the temptation? Or was it just because the temptation wasn't sufficient enough at the time. Because there are SOME boys out there that just...whew! Hehehe, I mean...it might only be 20 minutes, but it would be the right 20 minutes, you know? I may just have to beg for forgiveness later.

I'd never cheat with the local mailman or the guy delivering my pizza...but, I mean...come on! If the Marcus and Martinus twins show up at my front door one night with a bottle of whiskey, and they're like, "We were thinking of having a hot, all night, boy ORGY! You want in?"...I mean, I'll TRY to behave myself...but, just know, you're asking an awful lot of me here! LOL! This is an extreme circumstance! And if I pass it up...you'd better pray to God almighty that you never so much as give me a dirty look for the rest of our time together! Hehehe!


I don't condone cheating. It sucks and it hurts and it's almost never worth it. But I have to admit that I see the appeal behind being tempted. And it's way too easy to say you'll never cheat when you haven't been in that position. I'm less likely to believe anyone who quickly says 'Not me, not ever'. I'd rather us be honest with one another and promise to try our hardest to never go that far. At the end of the day, it's all you can ask for. I'm not so amazing that all other boys pale in comparison. I get it. Just...let's just try to keep our heads and remember the commitment that we made to each other before we end up doing something stupid. That's all I want.

Because if Levi Miller pops up and he's like, "I need some sex...like, right NOW!!!" Ummmm, that might be a problem for me. Hehehe! It's not meant to be a deliberate betrayal, lol...but I'm gonna be really pissed at you for making me turn that down! Just so ya know! :P



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Well, I've had a number of relationships in my life, and I faced temptation a few times. But I would always tell myself, "Nope, not worth it. Definitely don't want to screw up my relationship with the person I'm currently dating." Now that I'm married, the circumstances are different. When you get married, you basically agree to only date one person for the rest of your life, and I intend to abide by that agreement. Does that mean that I won't be tempted by some pretty face in the future? Of course not! I'm married, not blind! *laughs* But being connected to one person for the rest of your life should hopefully give you enough reason to "just say no" when those temptations arise, and I will always remember those reasons when and if such a time comes.  :)

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