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Need help finding a story



Hello everyone!

I read a story on here awhile ago that I wanted to revisit and for the life of me cannot remember the title or any relevant searchable details. I'm almost never logged in here, so my search history is of no use. Any help would be appreciated! 

The story follows a 30-ish man living with his childhood best friend as "roommates". We later learn that the friends dad was a crazy psychopath evil manipulator and raped the main character as a teen and caused intense psychological damage to both of them to the point where they're unable to even realize they're in love with each other (and the best friend can't even realize he's gay!) The bad guy was a psychiatrist I believe. 

Thanks in advance!

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That doesn't sound familiar, sorry, but can I recommend logging in and creating reading lists or activity streams for content you enjoy? I hate it when I lose a story and can't remember what I read. A list can save you from events like this in the future! Hopefully some details will trigger for another GA reader. Good luck!

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Doesn't ring any bells for me, either, but then it doesn't really sound like my type of story.

Since the search feature on GA works pretty well, I would suggest not giving up, however, and searching on whatever terms come to mind.  I have found several "lost" stories on GA that way, when I eventually hit on the right search terms.  And in the meantime I was led to some interesting other stories, so it was a win all round, lol!

I find that the Nifty search feature works pretty well, too, but most of the other sites lack a search function and have to be searched using an Internet search.  While that has helped me find stories on those sites, I notice that AwesomeDude seems to be impervious to searches, even with the correct title of the story entered as the search criterion.

One other thing:  the story as you describe it is reminiscent of the sort of thing that Dabeagle writes, though I don't believe that the one you are seeking is one of his.  But you might wish to check out his stories here on GA, to see if you enjoy them.

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