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  1. In hockey there is the regular hat trick of three goals in a game, but there is also the Gordie Howe hat trick, in which a player gets a goal, gets an assist, and gets into a fight, all in the same game.
  2. While Gimli may have hoped to see Galadriel again, I have always seen Gimli's adoration for her as being like a courtly knight's devotion to his lady. Galadriel was, from all accounts, devoted to Celeborn. While, if memory serves, Galadriel interceded on Gimli's behalf with the Valar, it was for the sake of his friendship with Legolas, as I've always understood it. It was also Sam's friendship with Frodo that earned him a journey into the West, albeit many years after Frodo's departure with Elrond, Galadriel, and Gandalf. Of course, Sam also bore the Ring for a time, and that was anoth
  3. Tolkien would have probably denied it, but you are definitely on to something. And of course, Frodo and Samwise are as much of a couple as David and Jonathan, and likely intentionally. I'd also have loved Faramir and Eomer to have had more of a relationship. As for mainstream sf, there are two potential couples I can think of: Asimov's Daneel Olivaw and Lije Baley, and Fletcher Neihardt and his cousin Jeremy (or possibly his other cousin J.R.), in Cherryh's novel, Finity's End. I had hopes, for a time, that something might develop between Bren Cameron and Jase Graham in Cherryh's Fore
  4. Token would be the first to say that his originality lay in how he used his material, not that he invented everything out of whole cloth. One of his main goals was to write a mythology for the Anglo-Saxon world, on the lines of the Norse and Germanic legends. He drew on the Eddas and other sources for his names and themes, he based Quenya on Finnish, but the ultimate sensibility of his writing is British. The theology underlying his worldview is very strongly Christian. For an understanding of how he viewed what he did in particular and how he believes the act of "sub-creation" works in
  5. BigBen

    Sweetest gift

    Is Mrsgnomie related to CJames, by any chance?
  6. BigBen

    Sweetest gift

    I'm not sure I do, but "nekkid" does sound like more fun, lol! (As opposed to "nude," which is just naked with an art history degree.)
  7. This was more or less my point when I derailed that other thread. My point was not that people who aren't themselves gay men should not write about gay men, but that they should do their research, because there are obvious signs when a writer has no clue.
  8. BigBen

    Sweetest gift

    That was a funny scene! They should have seen it coming, you should excuse the puns. You inspired me to look up the phrase in flagrante delicto, and the result was interesting. I thought for years that delictum meant "passion," whereas it actually means "crime." So instead of meaning "in flaming passion," as I'd always assumed, the phrase actually means "in the heat of the crime." The things one learns! The phrase still fits, but strictly speaking, the real crime would have been if Matt and Seamus hadn't been trying to get it on, lol! Let's hope Aidan doesn't learn to pick locks
  9. BigBen

    Sweetest gift

    It's great to see Matt and Aidan moving in with Seamus. All that paperwork reminded me of what it was like trying to be a couple, back in the days before marriage equality. Health-care proxies, powers of attorney, making sure both names were on the deeds, beneficiaries were correct—and still someone could throw a monkey wrench into the works. You go through a lot of the same legalities taking care of a parent's affairs, but people don't give you the same static, because that is normal, while trying to make a life with someone you love is deviant. . . . Good chapter. It's great to
  10. My favorite authors are almost all women, and they write realistic men of all sexual orientations. Several of them got started by writing fanfic, in fact, so your point is well-taken. I'm very sorry to have made you angry. I haven't yet encountered any of your stories, and therefore have no idea what your writing is like. I will make a point of looking up your work. My point was not that women can't write realistic gay male characters, but that the fanfic I've read on AO3 truly does not appear to have that as its goal, and it's that apparent lack of intent to write realistic gay m
  11. BigBen

    Three Hearts

    This is a great story, as far as it goes. I suspect it will never be finished, judging by the date of the last update, but the extant chapters are well worth a read.
  12. BigBen


    Ah, did this being back memories! Before I was fully comfortable being gay, I went through a promiscuous phase, which ended, fortunately, just as AIDS reached New York. Before the disease and the Internet killed them off, the City was full of X-rated bookstores and movie theaters, all of which had back rooms for anonymous sex. I had quite a few really good experiences and met several men whom I dated for a time. One of them even became my lover for ten years. But, like Rick, I was never any good at meeting people in a more social situation, such as at bars or clubs. I suspect tha
  13. BigBen

    Idee Fixe

    It's a real shame that Rick is too beaten down to be able to ask Rita to treat him as he deserves. Something simple, like, "Ms. McKee, I am a professional, and I wish you would treat me with respect, as one business person to another," would certainly meet with Miss Manners' approval. I was not happy with Jerry in that scene, either. His amusement seems rather heartless, for someone who claims to be a friend. On the other hand, I was glad to read about Rick's contact with Marshall. It must have been almost a lifeline. Too bad Marshall simply vanished like that. I hope Rick can find
  14. BigBen

    La Calunna

    In this regard, the elder Ernst and Kohler men are much alike.
  15. BigBen

    La Calunna

    I'm sure that Mr. Kohler knew his son well enough, but Sinclair's remark applies: "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it." As for Rita, I think it'll be disappointing if she turns out to be a good friend in the end. I know it's almost a mandatory convention of this kind of fic for that to happen, but I'd rather see her get her comeuppance and have to slink back off to Chicago, or whatever rock she crawled out from under. Bless her heart.
  16. BigBen


    Well, now we know why Rick didn't want to return to Cedarcrest! I hope he charges Rita a traumatic-memory surcharge. The rape is all the more ironic, in that Willy could have gotten Rick's willing cooperation, by the application of a little kindness. That Willy has a taste for coercion is clear. Interestingly, what makes me the angriest is not the physical violation, but the mental domination, as exemplified by the phrase, "new rule.” (Shades of The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd, eh?) The physical pain is much easier to recover from, compared with the mind games, wh
  17. BigBen

    Rites of Spring

    Had to revise this post, after reading something a couple of chapters on. Rita is a pushy woman from out of town; she comes across like a city slicker condescending to the yokels. But even an out-of-towner should be able to figure out that calling him "Ricky" is not the way to his heart. So either she's willfully ignorant, or she's malicious. Either way I don't like her. In fact, I intensely dislike people who violate others' boundaries, and it's clear this one is going to be trouble, bless her heart. Be interesting to see how Rick copes. I suspect it's going to take a while for
  18. BigBen

    Lost and found

    Hands up if you agree that the story can't possibly end until Aidan is out of college!
  19. BigBen

    Lost and found

    In addition to the two last chapters, of course! Don't want to leave any loopholes, now do we? 🤣
  20. BigBen

    Lost and found

    I know that conspicuous consumption has warped everyone's thinking, but weddings don't need to be a big deal. A visit to the local parish, followed by cucumber and watercress sandwiches and Champagne in the parish hall is a very traditional, simple, and inexpensive way to do it. Or, since Seamus and Matt aren't churchgoers, a visit to City Hall and the Justice of the Peace, followed by a reception at one of Seamus's eating establishments would be just as easy on the boys, though possibly a bit more expensive. Flowers, photographers, videographers, disc jockeys, and meals that put everyo
  21. BigBen

    Chapter 14

    I don't know. I was trying to decide between Benyan and Ryanji, myself.
  22. BigBen

    Lost and found

    If I were Seamus, I'd be getting on the next plane home. I remember the days when I used to know everyone's number by heart. Speed dial has really done a number on my memory! 😁 The one thing I don't get is how they could both be trying to track each other down and not connect. It's not as though Seamus doesn't know where Matt works, after all! 😀
  23. BigBen

    Chapter 14

    What a sweet ending! Things are looking good for Ryan and Benji. But I definitely need Ryan's help finding a good car. I keep getting taken like Gwen. 😁 Benji really got her good. If she hadn't been so nasty to him, I'd almost feel sorry for her.
  24. BigBen

    Cool Big Brother

    I think checking out competitors is hard-wired into the male brain, lol! 🤣
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