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I totally FORGOT about today! :P

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Today is the Shack Out Back's Random Cake Day! (May 28th!)

Long story short...this is a call out to everybody here to go out, and grab yourself a slice of cake...and close your eyes, and ENJOY it! Hehehe! We do this every year! I'll give you guys until tomorrow go grab a piece of cake from somewhere though, because I forgot! :P

Any piece of cake! Big piece, little piece...from your local bakery, or from the gas station! Hell, make one of your own if you want! K?

Enjoy! And always remember to take a moment for yourselves every now and then to enjoy the simple pleasures in life! What would life be without them, after all!

For the history behind our own personal holiday...find out more at https://imagine-magazine.org/releases/volume-60/random-cake-day/

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