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Happy Birthday, Shackers!!! :D


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Another anniversary is here! Starting right here, right now! We're officially beginning 'Year 24' now! And that's going to kick off in about 15 minutes! So stay tuned, folks! :P

No big speeches or advanced graphics or new videos (at least not TODAY!), hehehe! Nope! This year, I'm putting all of my proof in the pudding, and reminding you guys why you've been sticking around with me for so long!

So...brace for impact! And thanks to each and every one of you for your support! To every one of you that has ever come by the chatroom to say hello, posted on the Shack forum, or added your story to the Library...to everybody who took the time to leave me a comment or a rating or bought an ebook or made a donation to the Paypal account or watches my Twitter or subscribed to my Youtube or just sent me an email...Thank you!!! You're the reason that I'm still here after all these years! You're the ones that make this worthwhile!

You guys have given me more love than most people will ever experience in their lifetime, and I'm always forever grateful for that! So enjoy! And let's get some stories out there for you to read, shall we! Hehehe!

Seezya soon!
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