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Hehehe, SO excited! So addicted!!!


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I cannot stop watching this trailer! I have been such a HUGE fan of "The Matrix" since I first went into the theaters blind all those years ago! And while a lot of folks still have issues with the two sequels, I'm actually a fan of the whole series! (Even though, "Revolutions" is my least favorite, the first two are AMAZING to me!!!) This series started when I was first beginning to question myself, my Dad was out of the picture, high school was over and done with, I was taking philosophy classes, I began writing stories online for the first time...and by the time I saw this movie it was like "WOW!!!!"

And now, we've come full circle! I can't WAIT for this movie! PERFECT song choice, by the way!!!) God knows what this new chapter will bring to the series! YES!!! 


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One of my biggest questions is...

(Possible spoilers ahead)

The lady in the library....

Is that a younger version of the Oracle? Which is what a lot of people seem to think. But I'm thinking that it's an older version of Sethi from "Matrix: Revolutions". Because, she was a little girl in the 3rd movie, but she might be grown up now. And the Matrix always had a green filter over it in the first three movies. BUT...Sethi created a golden Sun, just for Neo at the end of the last film. And he keeps looking at it in the trailers. The sun, that is. And it might wake him up. Because he's being sedated with 'blue pills' before that. But the Matrix isn't 'green' anymore. You know? So I'm already falling down that rabbit hole of what's going on here. LOL!

Aggghhh! My brain is so stimulated with this again! I've gotta watch the trailer again! I'll get back to work soon! Promise!

Coming up next? "My Only Escape"! Seezya soon! 

::Super happy today::

Life is good!

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