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Is it possible to follow a series


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An author is posting a continuing story as one chapter stories instead of chapters to one story. He suggested "following" the series. I have looked and looked and can find no way to "follow" a series.  Is it possible to follow a series so I can be notified if the author posts a new "story" to the series?


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For a bunch of programming reasons, no.  I'd recommend following the author directly.  Go to the author's story listing by looking their name up from the search box on the author page or going to their story and clicking on their Avatar.  Author page looks like this:


Click the Follow and you'll get alerts to new stories. (this will tell you about a New Story that is posted)

Follow the story itself to get new chapter notifications.


There is only a handful of authors that have more than one series, so while the ability to follow a series is slightly more convenient, it has extremely low need at the moment in a costs/benefits analysis of what it would take to make it work.

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4 hours ago, wenmale64 said:

Thanks Myr for the advice. I was afraid that following an author would flood me with notifications about ALL the authors posts not just new stories. I will give it a try.

Thank You

it would if you follow their forum profile instead of their story archive listing as shown above. 

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