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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Laz_9

    Chapter 50

    Ok, I'm ready for more. Please don't make this the end and don't make the wait too long.
  3. Laz_9

    Chapter 8

    I've missed this story and hope that now that you've started again that you'll be able to post of often. I want to know where this is all going.
  4. Laz_9

    Chapter 7

    This is really getting good. I'm now looking for each new posting before they reach the site.
  5. Great until the very end. And such a high note of an ending. Can't wait for the next in the saga. Hope it's soon.
  6. Glad you're again posting. This story deserves to continue and your writing propels it forward. I'm enjoying the development of characters and plot. Keep up the good work.
  7. Happy Birthday!

    1. sandrewn


      A visit last year, your still with us, Yay! Wishing you a Happy Birthday today!

  8. Laz_9

    Chapter 42

    The time between postings is difficult. We've been spoiled with continuous chapters for so long that I've almost forgotten you must have other things, interesting things, important things besides posting. However, it will be great to have some more....soon?
  9. Laz_9


    This is getting really interesting. The alien life connection is intriguing. I'm so not in favor of keeping things captive. Hopefully that will change soon.
  10. Laz_9

    Chapter 14

    I'm checking constantly through the day for the next installment. This serial writing at its best.
  11. This was a good ending. Was due for some happy times for the bunch. Can't wait to where the next part of the story will lead. Your stories are always the ones I read first.
  12. Laz_9

    Chapter 25

    At the end of each chapter I'm disappointed it's not just a little bit longer. Matt is becoming so much more. That's a good thing as he was so outside admirable for too long. Thanks.
  13. Laz_9

    Chapter 9

    I didn't see this ending as possible. And if I'd known that was where the story was heading, I wouldn't have read it. But it was a good read. It just left me feeling betrayed. Like life, sometimes. Good job.
  14. Happy Birthday!

  15. Laz_9


    I've read every chapter as it was posted. What a ride. Good job.
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